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Introduction: The Mission of this Website and Blog is Dedicated to Correcting the Historical Record of the 36th POTUS — Lyndon B. Johnson (a.k.a. “LBJ”)

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Let’s start with a quotation from someone who knew Johnson closely, one that defines the essence of LBJ’s character:

A Magician’s Son on LBJ: The MASTER of the “Art of Deception”

Think of “A” as referenced by Harry Blackstone Jr. as meaning the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965, and Vietnam as “B,” and the broader meaning of Mr. Blackstone’s comment will become apparent. But how does one reconcile that with the fact that Johnson was arguably one of the biggest racists* of his time, as documented within my books as well as many others?

*For a detailed summary of that point, see Edgar F. Tatro’s essay “Lyndon Baines Johnson: The Charlatan Liberal”published originally as the new FOREWORD in the 2020 2nd edition of my book Who Really Killed Martin Luther King Jr.? — The Case Against Lyndon B. Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover (It was reprinted as a blog on December 10, 2020 — See HERE).

The answer is that he knew that these laws were inevitable and—despite having been the biggest impediment to their passage before he became President—he would get the “credit” for their passage once he was in that position. He knew that his eventual “grand legacy” would depend upon it, to the point of overriding any and all treacheries or treasons that might ever be exposed after his passing (even now, except as documented here, a fraction of the total, thanks to his expertise in keeping them hidden).

Most of the public are now under the illusion that LBJ was a “great” president, citing the “Great Society” legislation as proof of his magnanimity and liberal virtue. They were led to that opinion by ill-informed or deliberately deceitful journalists, historians and biographical authors, thus they grant him magnum-sized doses of the “benefit of the doubt” as justification for his worst sins — usually centered on his undeniable role in the Americanization of the Vietnam War — while ignoring his many other treacheries and treasons documented within my books and within this website and blog.

That deceptiveness characteristic of Lyndon Johnson is arguably the single strongest element of his persona that is least understood by those who have not studied him closely. It stands above all others — his egomania, his documented bi-polar disorder, his paranoia and incurable narcissistic / sociopathic personality together with his episodes of psychotic breakdowns — which, combined together, drove his mania to conduct criminal, even treasonous actions. But it was his ability to deceive others, tens of millions of them altogether, that put him beyond the reach of the law.


His OTHER, even more destructive, character trait was his obsession to become President, since he was only 12 years old, probably ingrained well before that. It was so important to the story that it became the first sentence of the first paragraph of the first chapter of my first book:

When he was twelve years old, Lyndon Johnson proclaimed to some friends, “Someday, I’m going to be president of the United States.” The other children said they wouldn’t vote for him, to which he replied, “I won’t need your votes,” as if he already knew how to steal elections.

30 Jul 1960, Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, USA — John F. Kennedy campaigning with Lyndon Johnson. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Every time I came into John Kennedy’s presence, I felt like a goddamn raven hovering over his shoulder. Away from the Oval Office, it was even worse. The Vice-Presidency is filled with trips around the world,  chauffeurs, men saluting, people clapping, chairmanships of councils, but in the end, it is nothing. I detested every minute of it.”

~ Lyndon. B. Johnson (See Schlesinger, RFK… p. 670; Kearns Goodwin, p. 164)

For those who don’t understand what I’m about or why I have chosen to write four books and this blog about a president I have detested since at least 1961, allow me to explain that.  First, understand that it is not my nature to dwell on negativity; the opposite is true, I strive to remain positive, as do most people.  In fact, I consider myself as the bearer of torches, lighting the darkness left in the wake of the 36th POTUS.

The darkness was put into the corrupted historical record of Lyndon Johnson’s reign as President by a succession of many other authors who took the opposite tack as they intentionally hid his intrinsic criminality. The original “biographers” (whom I have called out within those books) he recruited rewrote actual history by either ignoring the worst of his deceits or reframing that which could not easily be swept under the rug or into the dustbin of history.  In so doing, they have replaced historic facts with mythologically fabricated lies.  My humble intent is merely to point out these instances, prove the deceits as best I can, and shine the spotlight into the dark recesses to rediscover nearly forgotten truths.

It is an unfortunate predicament that we must all face, or ignore at our peril, but the continued beatification of the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson — honoring a very dishonorable man as though it will somehow absolve him of his criminality — is to deny the existence of a cancer upon the nation that will eventually destroy it.   His political progeny, which continue to multiply, repeat his manipulative methods and criminal conduct in their efforts to reinforce the hiding of his deceits, criminal acts and cover-ups, have succeeded in extending the reign of terror he brought forth well into the new millennium.

Consider how other nations have acknowledged the pernicious tyrants who caused so much destruction in their own histories:  For example, Russia has cleansed the worst of its past by renaming Stalingrad as Volgograd  and Leningrad as St. Petersburg;  Germany, so relieved by Hitler’s death (or his fleeing to South America), that his name became reviled by the vast majority of its population that no monuments were ever dedicated to his memory and his book Mein Kampf became verboten and, for decades, practically disappeared from existence.  Compare that to the number of parks, expressways, buildings, schools (and soon, a new Navy warship) named after Lyndon B. Johnson, who shared many of the worst traits of the most infamous dictators in world history.

WARNING:  Unless you are prepared to rethink all of the many myths that have been previously accepted and publicized about Lyndon B. Johnson and his presidency — many of which you will find dissected within these pages — then you may find yourself disappointed with the sordid truthful information as presented herein.  (Interestingly, many folks seem to prefer to believe the myths, all based upon disinformation planted either by Johnson himself or through his highly paid aide/sycophants and other “bought and paid for” faux-historians, biographers and so-called ‘journalists’).

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