A Case Study in How the MSM Purposely And Deceitfully Twists Truths and Creates Lies to Sustain Myths

In This Case, The New York Times, With Help From “Acclaimed Historian” Michael Beschloss, Publishes a Fabricated Account to Portray the Psycho LBJ as a “Hero”

A recent article (linked below) from the Dallas News includes a stunning accusation about how “historian”* Michael Beschloss and the New York Times attempted to portray LBJ as a hero in ordering his military commanders to drop their plans to use nuclear weapons to defend Khe Sanh in January 1968, just as the Viet Cong began the Tet Offensive. What they deliberately ignored was that it was his idea in the first place!

As this article explains, “the Times analysis conflates events, makes wrong assumptions and ignores contradictory evidence.”

It turns out that Sen. Eugene McCarthy (D-MN) had found out about the plan and publicly denounced it, as did the prime ministers of Canada and Britain. Only then did LBJ take steps to abort the plan and then to cover it up. So now we have another sliver of “fake news” to protect the psycho 36th POTUS and deceitfully portray him as a “hero” instead. Thankfully, Gregg Jones, the author of this piece, and this newspaper fleshed out the real story and put it into the record.

* “Historian” is in quotes to denote the inherent duplicitousness of someone calling themselves that when they intentionally twist truths to conform to blatant lies.


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