More on the Subject of JFK Jr.’s Enigmatic Death

In my December 30th blog / book review of “The Inheritance” the following references to JFK Jr.’s untimely death were noted as an aside to the numerous other points made about Christopher Fulton’s book:

“Mr. Fulton’s travails exposed still another long-buried, very plausible explanation for how and why JFK’s son – John F. Kennedy, Jr. – died.  In early 1998, Fulton met with JFK Jr. in Florida and subsequently sold the watch to him, suddenly shifting the object of the government’s wrath with it, from one man to another, yet not releasing its grip on the first of them.  Shortly after their meeting, JFK Jr. made the mistake of writing to President Clinton to suggest a proper forensic autopsy of his father, to establish “the truths behind my father’s murder being released to the public.”  Those two events led to a series of others, not the least of which was Fulton’s indictment in February, 1998 and his arrest on August 9, 1998, then the beginning of his torture and the loss of his freedom until finally being released in February, 2007.

“For JFK Jr., it appears that the interview he conducted with Christopher Fulton at the hotel in Florida was part of his larger plan for a major expose’ in his magazine George, but, as he cautioned Fulton, “I want to keep this under wraps until late next year.” (p. 181).  Unfortunately for him, Mr. Kennedy would not live that long.  He would die in a mysterious airplane crash on July 16, 1999.  There has been a plethora of news articles written since then which suggest still another cover-up has been in place for two decades and counting.”

A recent article by Laurent Guyénot published by The Unz Review reminds one of the ubiquitous meme propagated by the MSM in the immediate aftermath of John Kennedy Jr.’s airplane crash, which put the blame on him, for his own recklessness, in attempting to fly in weather conditions which he should have known were beyond his qualifications, given that he had not yet completed his training for instrument flight rules (IFR):

Mainstream news outlet, however, repeated over and over again, in contradiction even to the NTSB report, that the weather was so bad, the fog so thick, that John should have cancelled his plan to fly, had he been a responsible man. FAA Flight Specialist Edward Meyer, who had prepared for the NTSB the FAA’s official report of weather conditions over Martha’s Vineyard on July 16, 1999, and had determined that they were “at least very good,” was disturbed by the way his conclusions were distorted, and released a public statement:

“Nothing of what I have heard on mainstream media makes any sense to me… The weather along his flight was just fine. A little haze over eastern Connecticut. … I don’t know why the airplane crashed, but what I heard on the media was nothing but garbage.”

Radar Image Marthas Vineyard 7.16.99

As one can readily see on the radar image below, JFK Jr. had already flown through the worst of the weather and was on his final approach to the Martha’s Vineyard airport, where the weather was clear.

The article raises many other questions, and multiple anomalies about the investigation of this incident.  Considering how rare it is that military assets are allocated for search and recovery operations of private citizens, this case raises perplexing questions about how President Clinton immediately assigned the task to the Pentagon, with Air Force, Coast Guard and Navy resources committed to it; and subsequently, how they strangely widened the search area well beyond where the aircraft was known to have crashed, yet then taking over fifteen hours to begin the search and four days to locate the aircraft and remains.

The natural result of that predicate was to cause many people to recall the primary magician’s trick of making people watch “A” while the dirty work was going on at “B”.  One of the primary unresolved mysteries is the question about the missing co-pilot / flight instructor seat, and whether there was actually a fourth person aboard, in that seat, as there had been in all other similar night-flights where John Kennedy Jr. had flown, with a flight instructor to keep him on course for his certification towards his goal of getting his IFR license.

Guyénot‘s primary conclusion was stated as: “There is evidence of an accumulation of deliberate omissions, lies and false testimonies from the NTSB investigation to mainstream reporting, in order to blame the plane crash on the pilot alone, regardless of inconsistencies. And so, between accident and assassination, I lean strongly toward assassination.”

Read the rest of the article The Broken Presidential Destiny of JFK, Jr. here.

Another related article: “QAnon’s Bombshell” posts linking JFK Jr’s 1999 plane crash with Hillary Clinton and the CIA” HERE

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