Bad News Me = Good News YOU

CORRECTION (May 24, 2019) — The “strikethrough” sentences below were in error. The publisher had nothing to do with this, the book is not “remaindered” and in fact they plan to publish a softcover edition of the book with a brand new Foreword, written by the famed early JFK researcher Edgar F. Tatro!

The publisher, due to slow sales, has “remaindered” my MLK book and it’s now selling for less than $5.00 on Amazon. Of course I am very disappointed by this as. Here is what the publisher just advised me:

Amazon kind of does its’ own thing with pricing; remaindering would happen on our end, but we are not remaindering the book.   Amazon is very secretive about their dynamic pricing algorithm, and we don’t have any insight into why and to what degree they change prices. We haven’t listed the new paperback yet, so that discount is just Amazon looking to drive traffic to the hardcover and convert views to sales. But it doesn’t affect anything on our end—they still buy books from us at the standard trade discount, and it doesn’t affect your royalties.

I feel the MLK book is one of my best works: An easy-to-read compilation of the best of the “best books” together with a review of all the “worst books” and what makes each of them fit into those categories. That, plus how the FBI under Hoover, Tolson, DeLoach and Sullivan planned, executed and covered up the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. while framing James Earl Ray! All in a book of only 560 pages including Index and Bibliography!

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