A Brilliant Essay by Edgar F. Tatro: “A Cozy Little Town Called Dallas”

Ed’s essay was published as the Foreword to Richard Bartholomew’s excellent book “The Deep State in the Heart of Texas” which I recommend to anyone interested in further exploring the “Texas Axis” of the JFK assassination.

Within the essay, Ed explains how he was invited to write this piece by Richard Bartholomew to set the stage for Richard’s intensive examination of the numerous assassination-related events that transpired within Texas before, during and after November 22, 1963. Ed’s narrative exposes a number of them as well, in the context of how they were done independently of any direct involvement of the CIA: These events, all conducted under the aegis of what Ed calls the “Texas Axis” — including members of the Dallas Citizen Council, the millionaire oil men throughout Texas, the Dallas Police Department, Lyndon Johnson and his aides and cronies — were crucial to the success of the mission being conducted with the assistance of the CIA, yet were not among the tasks under their control.

Mr. Tatro listed twenty specific examples of critically-important parts to the “executive action” mission, tasks that the “CIA DID NOT” have anything to do with, the first two of which were:

This essay — which can (as of this date) be read in full at the Amazon page for Bartholomew’s book (click here then “Look Inside” to scroll down for Ed’s Foreword) — like the book itself, is a very thoughtful, and thought-provoking, look at the overall scope of the plot to assassinate the President and then to cover it up, ensuring the success of the 1963 coup d’état. To this date, I know of no one who has effectively rebutted his argument, and doubt that anyone could possibly do that if they tried.

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