The Loathsome Legend of John McCain — Part 1.

The McCains’ Mutiny — And Sundry Other Treasons

How to get your copy of Vol. 003 of garrison.

See “‘garrison.” Vol. 003,
pp. 143 – 168

At the invitation of S. T. Patrick — the publisher and Editor-in-chief of “garrison” and the host of “The Midnight Writer News Show,” which can be heard at — I agreed to intensively research “the real deal” on the late Senator John S. McCain III. I had already known about his father’s reputation as a “fixer” (a.k.a. “cover-up artist) for the Navy and, in the larger context, the “National Security State’s” highest level secrets.

Mr. Patrick has done an amazingly good job of bringing cohesion to the fore of the best critical thinkers of what is “investigative journalism” in the alternative news media generally and the so-called “JFK Research Community” — as it were. Building on his previous works as an interviewer of authors and researchers, he has created a much-needed modern-day venue for the work of the earlier generation — such notables as Sylvia Meagher and Harold Weisberg — to be continued and the cause of truth-seekers to be advanced. The void created upon the passing of the first generation of researchers is now being filled, practically single-handedly, by S.T. Patrick.

I have given Mr. Patrick exclusive use to my essay, “The McCains’ Mutiny,” for a six-month period, after which it will be released in its entirety on my website and other publications, although I will publish limited excerpts of it in the intervening period. I can say that it includes never-before-published material, including an interview with a man who served as a military intelligence (MI) officer and disclosed many secrets he had become aware of during his years of service. Among them were the subjects relating to the treasons John McCain committed, and why other POWs who knew of his treasonous actions generally ignored that subject — and did not step forward to tell their stories — as they went about their business of reacclimating to a life of freedom back in the U.S. There are also a few words on why MI officers armed with 45 caliber handguns accompanied the POWs on the flight home to the U.S. in 1973.

The article “The McCains’ Mutiny” is not just about John McCain 3rd. It encompasses his father’s and grandfather’s military histories (both of whom had risen to the rank of admiral in the Navy) and how their character traits were embedded into Senator McCain’s DNA. The article is 14,500 words in length, accompanied by a 500 word insert on the attack of the USS Liberty, for a total of 15,000 words and 26 pages, including photos and endnotes.

NOTE: The reason this page is labeled “Part 1” above is because of new material still being wrought from long-suppressed secrets has recently appeared; a second blog entry will soon be published to bring more information to the table. [Eventually, this article, supplemented by other information becoming available, will be assembled into a full length manuscript and, hopefully, a book].

I urge you to buy this (third edition) of “garrison.” and learn more of this story and over twenty additional important articles.

Get your copy (either in print edition or pdf) HERE.

2 thoughts on “The Loathsome Legend of John McCain — Part 1.

  1. From these comments he seems the entire McCain family is corrupt. Yet there is Navy ship named for the admiral. For this reason no ship should be named for anyone who did not die in battle, does not have CMH.


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