The Alternative News Sites, and The National Enquirer, “Scoop” the MSM With a Blockbuster: LBJ Ordered the Murder of JFK!

(Just not in the “Establishment Press”)
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The National Enquirer, ironically, has come a long way from its previous reputation as a purveyor of laughably fake sensationalist news. While this short article offers little in the way of background context and substantive evidence, it correctly cites the source of a widely-based secret “executive action” plan that accomplished an objective that had long been germinating in Lyndon B. Johnson’s brain. The missing pieces in the article relate to how he had managed to inculcate the idea into key high-level officials in various government agencies, bureaus and the military-intelligence entities that he would rely upon to execute his plan. The fact that the operation coincided with the very peak of the cold-war with the U.S.S.R. would become the catalyst and “critical mass” that gave the plot life, direction and momentum — uniting the men through a common cause that brought the elements together — should have at least been mentioned within the article.

While The National Enquirer still promotes certain stories that seem a bit “beyond the pale” they are mostly about personal scandals of Hollywood actors struggling with their latest identity crisis or love / lust interest, and are therefore quite inconsequential. But other articles they have explored — such as the “outing” of presidential candidate John Edwards as a serial fornicator and father of a baby with a mistress, or establishing the factual physical evidence of President Bill Clinton’s involvement with a young lady who had the presence of mind to save it by not having her blue dress cleaned — involved matters much more pertinent to compromised people whose careers had taken them into the highest levels of public governance. But the reportage of these events was considered by the mainstream media (MSM) as much too pedestrian for their standards, causing them to abdicate their constitutional duty of being a government watchdog; fortunately (or not, depending upon one’s biases) the tabloids were there to fill that void. There were many other instances where they have covered stories like this latest one, that the MSM has carefully avoided since their “handlers” have declared them out-of-bounds due to political correctness constraints.

The New Kindle book by
Jacob Hornberger

A recent, much more scholarly-written book, by Jacob Hornberger, president of The Future of Freedom Foundation, publisher of the Kindle book, The Kennedy Autopsy 2: LBJ’s Role In the Assassination, adds great weight to the themes I have written about over the last decade. Within the book, Mr. Hornberger has laid out a multiple succession of events in the immediate aftermath of the assassination that could only have been planned in advance and accomplished through Lyndon Johnson’s authority: Most important among them was the forceful taking of JFK’s body to avoid a legally-required autopsy by Texas forensic pathologists; instead it was essential to get it to Washington where it would be under the control of military doctors whose skills were more related to following orders laid out by their superiors — namely, ensuring that the body conformed to a pre-established condition consistent with a “lone-nut assassin” scenario. Hornberger asks the rhetorical question: “What is the possibility that Johnson would be unaware of the military’s plans to conduct a fraudulent autopsy on the body of President Kennedy? No reasonable possibility whatsoever.” Mr. Hornberger describes those cumulative points of evidence in a 37-minute video titled “Libertarian Angle: The JFK Autopsy 2” that was presented in an article by Charles Burris published on Lew Rockwell’s newsletter /blog. The overall thesis of his book is that, in order to understand the “who/what/why” elements of the assassination, the reasons and explanation begin and end with the fraudulent autopsy conducted on JFK’s body. It is an excellent and thought-provoking book that I believe will become one of the most definitive resources for future generations.

It goes without saying that I have much appreciation for others who have come to the same understanding that I have long had regarding the fundamental truths of how and why JFK was assassinated in 1963. While I have been attacked repeatedly — mostly by people who have never read my books — for the use of the term “Mastermind” they have neglected to consider that I have always acknowledged that the assassination was conducted by actions / actors of the “Deep State.” The point that is generally overlooked — one which I’ve stated over and again, with limited success — is that in 1961-1963 (and beyond, until the end of his presidency in 1969), Lyndon B. Johnson was “CEO and chairman of the board of the Deep State.” I’ve described that point in detail in each of my four books and again within this blog; see here, and here for example.

And I believe, in due course, the same understandings that I have about the 1968 assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr., Robert F. Kennedy and Thomas Merton will also become accepted by more and more people: That the similarity of patterns among the latter three, in relation to those of the first, were due to the fact that all of them emanated from the same source, and were executed by the same rogue officials and agents under his command; LBJ was the only conceivable domineering force that uniquely had the motive, means and opportunity in each case. To those who stubbornly — and arrogantly — believe that the amorphous, intrinsically anonymous bureaucracy known as the “National Security State,” (a.k.a.”Deep State”) alone, as if it were unguided by a single and powerful guiding force, was behind the 1960s assassinations (and assorted other treasons), please answer for the rest of us this simple question: “Then what was their interest in killing Dr. King and the anti-war monk Thomas Merton, neither of whom could be reasonably considered a threat to their existence — unlike the threat personally felt by Lyndon B. Johnson, whose paranoia over his possible exposure as a Shakespearian-like villain was quite real?”

Unfortunately, there are many so-called “truth seekers” and “journalists” who deny what has become more obvious to people who evaluate these events with open minds. There are various reasons why they have capitulated to the siren songs (and the accompanying financial and career-making emoluments one receives by selling their souls to the devil–or his spawn) of the Deep State managers.

One such primary reason is due to the widespread existence of false (and pretentious) organizations which purport to be venues for “truth seekers” but actually exist for the apparent purpose of channeling people into certain directions — or, put another way, shepherding sheeple into approved pastures — in a concerted effort to keep the hidden secrets secret. For an in-depth review of how such organizations denigrate Dr. William F. Pepper’s 2016 opus The Plot to Kill King, please read my essay titled “PONDERING THE MOTIVES OF CRITICS WHO ATTACK DR. WILLIAM F. PEPPER: THE BEST ORIGINAL RESEARCHER OF MLK’S MURDER” at this link.

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