Announcing New Page: “Curating LBJ-Related Historic Documents”

A New Archive of Old Documents from Author’s Library

A new “Page” has been added to the Menu that appears at the top of all pages as noted in the headline above. As time permits I will be adding pages, from old magazines and newspapers I’ve collected over nearly two decades, which were used in the process of writing my books.

The first entry, an article that appeared in Colliers magazine in 1951 titled “Something’s Rotten in the State of Texas,” is accompanied by an essay summarizing and putting into context how LBJ’s first (known) murder was conducted, that of a Texas Deputy Sheriff, Sam Smithwick in 1949.

Though there was very little about Smithwick that resembled anything about Jeffrey Epstein in life, there was very much about their deaths that made it seem like Epstein’s “suicide” was a carbon copy of Smithwick’s: Mysterious goon-squads, equipped with the correct keys, stealthily making their way into their target’s jail cell in the middle of the night, strangling them, then hanging them ā€” using their own clothes or sheets for nooses ā€” from the cell’s bars.

Read more [Here] about how Lyndon Johnson went to his friend, the “Duke of Duval” George Parr, and bought himself an insurance policy that would pay dividends immediately after the election results were tabulated: The “dividends” were whatever number of fake ballots were needed to put him “over the top” and guaranteed to buy him a seat in the U.S. Senate. And, as we all know now, it was extremely successful, despite the fact that the fraud was well known shortly after the election. Thanks to another friend of Johnson’s (Justice Hugo Black), he had secured the blessing of the Supreme Court to become Senator in January, 1949.

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