“Anatomy of a Washington Post Editorial” – A New Essay About a 20-Year Old WAPO Excoriation

This insightful essay correctly states how the 1999 Memphis civil court proceedings, brought by Dr. William F. Pepper, frightened the Clinton Administration and then-AG Janet Reno’s Justice Department and nearly exposed the buried secrets of Dr. King’s assassination. And how it had shakened the Deep State to its core.

That essay also explains why they (and other officials of the “Deep State”) evidently called on the Washington Post editorial board to attempt to rebut the verdict rendered by the jury in the Memphis trial labeled “The King Family vs Loyd Jowers et al.” That jury found the previously-deceased James Earl Ray innocent of the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. — while pointing to officials (according to the King family, who named Lyndon B. Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover) within the federal government as the guilty parties.

The title of this post comes from an essay published yesterday by Bill Willers, a University of Wisconsin — Oshkosh professor. The excerpts below summarize its themes and central point:

Among the MLK-related articles to appear recently is a reposting of Edward Curtin’s 2017 review of Willam Pepper’s book The Plot to Kill King. Pepper, King’s friend and attorney for the King Family, spent 40 years researching the assassination, and Curtin’s review is a superb encapsulation of that history. King was murdered by elements of the U.S. government, a fact unsurprising for people who read history, because political assassinations have been stock power plays since antiquity. From the point of view of the psychosis that drives empires, King had to go.

There are certain facts governments and their journalistic mercenaries go to any length to suppress, because to reveal them necessarily leads to related facts that expose governmental crime. A key fact can be like a keystone species in a biological ecosystem: snuff it, and things begin to unravel. For example, that World Trade Center Building 7 was most certainly professionally prepared for demolition well before 9/11 cannot be allowed to be publicly discussed. Open acceptance of that would, as if a spring loaded canister had been opened, force the litany of related lies into the light. King’s murder is like that. Accept U.S. government-as-assassin as the truth, and one is forced to deal with associated issues: American soldiers posted to kill King if the first shooter fails; the probability that trusted colleagues were involved; Government hand-in-hand with organized crime.

For direct linkage to Bill Willers’ essay, “The Anatomy of a Washington Post Editorial” (see HERE).

For a direct Linkage to Ed Curtin’s essay, ‘Orders to Kill’ Dr. Martin Luther King: The Government that Honors MLK with a National Holiday Killed Him , see HERE).

Notes and Caveats:

  • It should first be noted that neither of the linked essays trace the conspiracy beyond the amorphous, ambiguous, and anonymous members of the “Deep State,” except for indirect references to the FBI, thus J. Edgar Hoover. It is that point that we have taken one step further than any other entity or person, thus any other book.
  • We do not endorse the political opinions, other links, “recommended books,” or statements pertaining to any other material, on either of these websites. The only essays recommended are those contained within the links provided. The need for the real story about the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. (thus the demolition of the lies and myths upon which the “official government story line” rests), transcends the traditional “left – right” political axis and should matter to everyone, irrespective of their political views.

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