A Message from Our Sponsor . . .

Skyhorse Publishing sent the following message to all of the authors they have under contract, the essence of which is to warn anyone who has ordered books from Amazon to expect delays (and the corollary suggestion that we begin buying books from Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and other sources):

Hello to All Our Authors!

Times are certainly different and ever changing. We are hoping you and your families are all well, safe, and staying healthy. The publishing industry, like many other industries, is being challenged, and for the moment, Amazon is prioritizing items that they deem essential to the COVID-19 crisis, which means most books are taking a month to ship.

Now is when people are needing books more than ever to discover engaging hobbies, inspire nourishing meals, keep their kids learning while schools have shut down and stay entertained at home. Barnes & Noble has had to close their doors to foot traffic but they ARE shipping! In fact, they’re committed to having items ready to ship within 24 hours. Local bookstores and Books-A-Million chains are offering roadside pick up to keep afloat.

We all need to band together in new ways.  If you have a social media platform or newsletter, PLEASE consider sending a message to all your followers to buy books from B&N right now or to call their local bookstores to see if they are offering curbside pickup. 

There is a certain “Karma” — despite the omnipresence of Amazon — in making the point that B&N and “B-A-M” deserve our support, if only as the best means possible to prevent Amazon from becoming a real monopoly, not just a “near-monopoly” as is already true.

For those who have pending orders for my new edition of Who Really Killed Martin Luther King Jr.” (or other books) and have already waited for months due to the publication delays, be assured that the books have been printed and are now in the pipeline to distributors and the April 14th date will be met. If you had ordered it (or them) from Amazon and are concerned about receiving them as soon as possible, you might want to consider cancelling those orders and placing a new order through one of the other retailers as noted above.

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