View “Out of Shadows” Video on Contemporary Deep State Corruption (And From Whence it Came)

Or, How LBJ’s Corruption in 1961-69 has Grown Like Weeds and is Now Manifested in the Most Horrid [Deepest of the] Deep State Crimes

This is a must-watch “blockbuster” video, for everyone interested in understanding how the United States — indeed the world — has been hijacked by the most wealthy, power-hungry “elites” to enable them to fullfill their personal dreams of obtaining absolute power over other, lesser, souls.    

The story described in this video is that of a Deep State run by “elites” under the control of masters who can cover their most hideous acts — e.g. child trafficking and pedophilia — through blackmailing anyone who might object with the same techniques practiced by Jeffery Epstein.  

For many viewers, Out of Shadows may alter their understanding of just how corrupt are many people at the top of the Hollywood, the MSM, and the Washington Politicos and “Intelligence” pyramids. At the very least,  I believe it will become the baseline from which current and future political dynamics are viewed.

Note: The narrator’s personal journey in discovering truths — having previously been oblivious of the existence of “Deep State” operators, finally developing “critical thinking skills” on the fly — begin this 1 hour 18 minute video. To “cut to the chase” just slide the time line button over to the 12 minute mark.  

Also, in my opinion, it’s about how that corruption was originally injected into government operations by LBJ in 1961-69 as he usurped the secrecy protocols originally created for legitimate government operations. It was originally done to hide the real story of the JFK assassination when he forced Congress to go along with the scam for fear of creating a Constitutional crisis if it investigated the real forces behind the coup d’etat:  It forced even semi-moral people — read “Warren Commission members and staff” — to create the monstrous lies of the Warren Report, and later again, with the Clark Panel, and the HSCA and multiple DOJ “investigations.”

Furthermore, throughout his bloody rein the corruption continued with many other crimes and treasons, including the false flag of the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964 to ensure he could begin his war after it helped him win the landslide election that year; the murder of Adlai Stevenson in 1965; the attack on his own ship USS Liberty in 1967; and the triple assassinations of 1968: Martin Luther King Jr., Robert F. Kennedy and Thomas Merton.

Each of these brazen acts required massive cover-ups and the aggregated lies permeated the government apparatus so completely that the structures of entire agencies had to be adjusted to accommodate them. Two specific examples (in addition to those noted above, beginning with the infamous Warren Report’s litany of lies) will illustrate the point:

  • How high-ranking officials within the Department of State (in 1967 they were uniformly insistent that the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty was intentional, viscous and unmerciful) in the ensuing decades, completely capitulated to the shamefully false, completely discredited, account of an “accidental” attack in 2004. That they contaminated official government archives with the lies of such people as Michael Oren and Jay Cristol to prop up the myths is proof positive that they were still hard at work in 2004 to reinforce LBJ’s 1967 rewrite of history [1]
  • How unknown government officials (in the 2010-2014 time-frame) sanctioned a rebuild of the Bessie Brewer Rooming House in Memphis such that the bathtub was moved to erase what Harold Weisberg stated was an “impossible” placement for a sniper to use. The building was completely gutted and rebuilt with steel framework and concrete floors. Most of the second floor was built with open spaces for the exhibits, but James Earl Ray’s room “5-B” and the bathroom were recreated, almost looking like they were in 1968, except that the entire floor was raised at least a foot and the bathtub was moved about one foot from the wall and window, from which the FBI falsely claimed was where the shot was fired. Their objective in doing the redesign, completed in 2014, was to make the scene more like the visitors would accept (they must have had many comments from visitors before those changes, along the lines of what Harold Weisberg had stated in 1970).[2] Yet, what was really proven was how the government has been structured to make even seemingly inconsequential steps such as this.

For those who believe that the crimes of fifty years ago were committed by rogue agents untethered to official governmental sanctions, this stunning evidence stands as ultimate proof that the crimes of “then and there” are inextricably connected to the same governmental conduct here and now. The cover-ups by elaborate and officious documents were created through use of the same techniques as previously done by the original fiction writers: selective preference, omission of exculpatory evidence, ignoring credible witnesses, and creation of unsubstantiated alternate theorems (all misdirected theories, of course).

The 1960s contamination of the FBI, the CIA, the DIA (The Pentagon’s military intelligence “Defense Intelligence Agency), the Secret Service and others grew into a Leviathan that has overtaken many other government agencies, right down to whichever one oversees such projects as the renovation of a 150+ year old rooming house in Memphis, to ensure it complies not only to current building codes and usage requirements but to on-going official government myths.



[1] See Remember the Liberty, pp. 45, 102-104, 118, 124-125, 139, 151-154, 208. (If any doubts persist in the mind of any reader, viewing the official State Department 3-hour video record of the 2004 proceeding in which the government officially capitulated to that myth will disabuse that concern: State Department Hearing 1/20/2004:

[2] See Who Really Killed Martin Luther King Jr.? pp. 402-404

2 thoughts on “View “Out of Shadows” Video on Contemporary Deep State Corruption (And From Whence it Came)

  1. Thank you for the recommendation of this incredible (and credible) video. For me it’s timely as I have been wondering about the significance of the JFK assassination for today’s world other than retrospective. It seems to me indication that although personal motivation from LBJ was the driving force, the CIA and FBI became easily complicit due to their inability to tolerate the maverick nature of JFK. Which leads me to appreciate how this documentary connects the dots between then and now…

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