The McCains’ Mutiny (Part 2 of 2)

Originally published in garrison. — The Journal of History and Deep Politics (Vol. 003, October 2019), this 26-page article is being presented in two parts — this is the second (includes end notes for both parts).

We now turn to McCain’s allegedly “heroic” period of time as a prisoner-of war and his last four decades pretending to be the most brilliant military strategist cum political genius and would-be president of the United States, “if only” . . . (Continued from Part 1):

One thought on “The McCains’ Mutiny (Part 2 of 2)

  1. The picture of McCain greeting Nixon; compare it to the picture of McCain walking when be released in Hanoi.
    If McCain is a hero for being a POW then so are the other 590 POWs.
    Rod Colving’s book FIRST HEROES listed about 2,500 left behind alive POWs. Are then not also heroes.


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