LBJ Personally Ordered Captain Fritz to End Investigation

According to Penn Jones in 1975, Within 24 Hours of JFK’s Assassination, President Johnson Ordered Captain Fritz to End the Investigation: “You Have Your Man”

Penn Jones, publisher of the Midlothian Mirror and author of “Forgive My Grief” (Vol. 1-4)

Given everything else we know about Lyndon Johnson’s actions on and after November 22, 1963, one can almost hear him explain to Captain Fritz how it is necessary to wrap up the case with Oswald as the only suspect, putting an end to the nightmare then and there to calm the fears of the American citizens and to avoid a nuclear confrontation with Cuba and Russia that might kill forty million Americans within an hour (i.e., the very same argument that he was taped a few days later using with Senator Russell and which he had by then already used on Chief Justice Warren).

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