Proof of LBJ’s Lies About Having “Inherited” Vietnam Escalation – And How “HINOs” (Historians in Name Only) Have Repeated Those Lies

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End Notes:

[1] Galbraith, James K. “Exit Strategy: In 1963, JFK ordered a complete withdrawal from Vietnam,” The Boston Review September 1, 2003 (Galbraith references Robert McNamara’s assertion, in his 1995 book In Retrospect, that President Kennedy decided on October 2, 1963 to begin the withdrawal of U.S. forces; he then traced eighteen months of detailed steps which JFK had taken to lead up to a planned withdrawal. Galbraith also cited John Newman’s seminal 1992 book JFK and Vietnam, which put Kennedy’s long-term strategy in historic context, and explained why the key parts of it were not contained in the Pentagon Papers released in 1971).

A summary of this material is contained in my blog titled “The Keepers of State Secrets: Noam Chomsky and Bill Moyers (Among Others), on a Mission to Hide the Worst Treasons of the 1960s?” which can be viewed HERE.

[2] Dunn, Si. Dark Signals: A Navy Radio Operator in the Tonkin Gulf and South China
Sea, 1965-1965
, p. 71

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[9] Corson, William R. The Betrayal, p. 98

[10] Patterson, Pat (Lt.Cmdr. U.S. Navy) “The Truth about Tonkin” Naval History Magazine, Feb. 2008 (See here)

3 thoughts on “Proof of LBJ’s Lies About Having “Inherited” Vietnam Escalation – And How “HINOs” (Historians in Name Only) Have Repeated Those Lies

  1. Read Prouty’s book JFK ASSASSINATION. He has the most informative front-row seat starting in WWII till his retirement.

    About 1967 / 68 the generals and admirals in the Vietnam theater formed a plan to rescue all of the prisoners in the Hanoi Hilton. All branches were involved in the mission. They worked out all of the details. They sent the plans to LBJ. The answer NO. The men were left in prison.


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