“Sacrificing Liberty” Premier: Best Video Ever for the Truth of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty


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Image from Sacrificing Liberty Video

In August, 2020, I was honored to have been invited to attend the Premier showing of the four-part docu-series Sacrificing Liberty. I am pleased to report that it is the most thorough, complete and honest video (or any other published media) of that still-uninvestigated “incident” (by officialdom at least). This “Must See” video is being planned for distribution during September.

Program hosts Rick Wiles and Matt Skow interview USS Liberty survivors Bob Scarborough, Larry Bowen and “Micky” LeMay

A one hour, twenty minute “Preview” video, featuring discussions with the above survivors, is embedded at the end of this blog. It was originally designed to be a promotion piece, offering viewers the opportunity to view the premier showing on August 20-21, along with nine of the survivors and other guests (including me, among many others). Their testimony of what happened in the brutal attack by Israel on June 8, 1967 helps to “set the stage” for the viewer, in anticipation of the coming “docuseries.”

The four-part documentary closely parallels the narrative of my book, Remember the Liberty!, in all of the most critically-pertinent points, including the role of President Johnson in recalling fighter jets sent from the Sixth Fleet to protect the ship, in setting up the cover-up — and most importantly — its examination of how and why the attack was planned and executed.

Unlike other previous films done on this subject, the video delves into the “backstory” thoroughly, which brings coherence to the narrative of the attack itself and how the failure to sink the Liberty with “all hands aboard” required by the original plan (viz placing the blame for an attack by Israel upon Lyndon Johnson’s arch-enemy Egyptian President Abdel Gamal Nasser as a pretext to attack Egypt) to be jettisoned. Caught without a realistic alternative explanation, it was then decided to declare everything about the attack to be state secrets — for both the U.S. and Israel — with threats of prison “or worse” to any offender of that decree.

The Cover-Up: “An Incredible Accident of Misidentification”

In the real story’s stead, President Lyndon Johnson quickly came to an agreement with Israeli leadership: The cover-up would be designed around a plan to pronounce it an “accident” due to Israeli error in “misidentifying” the ship. Incredibly, the highest-level political and military leaders of the U.S. and Israel proceeded to create a ludicrous cover story that still lives on as the “official findings,” complete with irreconcilable inconsistencies, impossible anomalies and absurd conclusions.

The actual, nearly two and one-half hour event was a vicious, well executed brutal attack by two squadrons of fighter jets and four torpedo-boats, followed by two helicopters hovering overhead with assault troops ready to rappel onto the ship’s decks to kill the survivors and place bombs to sink it. It was only finally called off when a Russian destroyer came too close to the scene, potentially exposing the truth of the “false flag” attack.

The story cobbled together in the aftermath sought to replace those facts with the fantasy that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) mistook the USS Liberty for an aging, rusty old horse transport ship. That ship — then moored in nearby El Arish — was named El Quseir, and it looked nothing like the Liberty: It was one-fifth the tonnage displacement of the Liberty, half its length, with none of the forty-five antennae and other high-tech equipment festooned on its deck.

The Rusty Bucket which the IDF confused with the USS Liberty

No explanation was offered as to how these highly trained Israeli Naval officers could have made such an incredible error, nor why they hadn’t bothered to check their copies of Janes Fighting Ships if there were any doubts about a ship flying “Ol Glory’s” unique colors (which had been shot down twice, but quickly replaced each time, finally putting up the huge “Holiday Flag”).

Follow this link to view the “preview” and interview.

Click Here to View: PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4

One thought on ““Sacrificing Liberty” Premier: Best Video Ever for the Truth of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty

  1. Thank you, Phil ! I am happy to see that this important video series will be made available to more viewers, it is great! Having read your book, I especially appreciated seeing the photos that were preserved, and seeing the survivors in person, having “met” them in the pages of your book.

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