Book Review: The Lone Star Speaks

Untold Texas Stories About the JFK Assassination


Fascinating Personal Insights by (mostly) Texans of the JFK Assassination.

This book uniquely presents a widely diverse cross-section of personal anecdotes from – and about –numerous people having personal direct experiences related to the assassination of President John Kennedy.  It is an update of their original (2017) self-published Voices from the Shadows.

The authors have done an incredible job of identifying many Texans (and a few from other states) having experienced different aspects of events related to JFK’s assassination – before, during or after the event – and following up with intensive interviews with many of them; in some cases, where the person was deceased, with their children or close friends or relatives.  Then, putting all of those interview notes or recordings into a well-written, easy-to-read narrative, they have produced a very important and valuable compendium of “first-person” records that comes close to being the equivalent of a series of oral histories previously unavailable.  Whether one is a casual reader, a serious historian or another researcher looking for grist for their mill, there will be much to be found in this book. 

As is the case for any book on the JFK assassination, it is an easy target for trolls (anyone who must hide behind a pseudonym, or initials [like LBP, for example [[someone whose diatribe may be found among the “1-star” category among Amazon reviews of the book]] to write a vicious screed full of an assortment of half-truths, whole lies, non sequiturs, innuendo and non-substantive opinions).  This is especially true when one attempts to describe the full dimensions of the plot to kill John F. Kennedy – wherein the CIA is only one single element of that plot – not the entire framework, as some myopically-challenged people would have you believe.  For anyone doubting that point a fast read of widely-respected researcher Edgar F. Tatro’s essay “A Cozy Little Town Called Dallas” will disabuse that fallacious opinion (It is printed as the Foreword in Richard Bartholomew’s book The Deep State in the Heart of Texas, which can be read at the Amazon page for that book – by clicking the “Look Inside” option).

Buy The Lone Star Speaks with confidence that your investment will be rewarded with hours of fascinating reads.  Perhaps one of its best attributes is its versatility: Each of the fairly-short chapters contain mostly-unrelated vignettes – such that one can start reading whatever new chapter appears upon opening the book – which makes it a perfect book to take along to a doctor’s waiting room, on an airplane, to the beach, or wherever else one might choose to fill a void in time. 

The book is filled with many informative jewels never before published, including one which reveals that LBJ predicted to someone very close to Billie Sol Estes, two weeks before he became President, that the next time that person would see him arrive on an airplane it would no longer be on Air Force Two, but AF-One.    

2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Lone Star Speaks

  1. I can’t wait for this book either. Ordered it about a month ago from Amazon, so hopefully will arrive soon. It looks to have a lot of dynamite stuff on Ruby,Dixie Mafia and Billie Sol Estes, and many other witnesses.Since 1989 I’ve read about a 140 books on the Assassination, and from TheTable Of Contents,about half the witnesses I’d never heard of. so it’s good to not have a 75% rehash as so many do at this late stage.Just reading the Jerry Coley story on the preview available, and even though it’s not in the top 50 of most important things. Why would the Feds confiscate the photos and tell him not to talk about it?,and get death threats?
    A reporter over an anonymous puddle of blood? Unless either a conspirator was grazed by a bullet during the Assassination and couldn’t go to the Hospital,or a conspirator deliberately put that there on the Knoll to get Spectators looking at that and not seeing men fleeing behind the fence/Pergola. Just 20 to 30 seconds of distraction could mean enough time not to be seen, or to seem non suspicious.Also, I’m very interested to see what they have on Roscoe White, he is by far the most suspicious of the 1200 men on the Dallas Police Force at the time.3 years to the date of the Assassination 11-22-66 Geneva White, Roscoe’s Wife begins Shock Treatments and the Document is shown in Oswald Talked.


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