More Evidence Revealed of Clint Peoples’ Murder: The Testimony of His Secretary Georgia

A Translation of the Key Chapter of William Reymond’s Book “The Last Witness”

Many non-French speaking researchers (like me), never read what should have been a blockbuster book nearly two decades ago — JFK le Dernier Témoin: Assassinat de Kennedy, enfin la vérité Paris, Flammarion, 2003 (by William Reymond with Billie Sol Estes) — because they would have had to learn French (or German, Spanish, Japanese among others).

For reasons unknown (at least never stated), it was never published in English. Concurrently with publication of the book a widely-distributed French film titled “JFK—Autopsie d’un complot [Autopsy of a conspiracy]—John Fitzgerald Kennedy” was also sold in France and other countries. It was also sold for a short period on the internet before disappearing until November, 2014, when it reappeared for free viewing on the website (see here). The film was based on a video conducted in English but the French voice-overs preclude hearing the original narrative (a small number of copies of that were distributed to certain researchers).

Though I have a “traveler’s level” knowledge of other languages, I’ve never studied French; however, with the help of automated translators I have invested many hours in rendering an English version of Chapter 65, arguably the key, most important seven pages of this 408-page book. They are presented below, on pages 2 and 3.

This was done in response to many requests for more information as a result of my December 1, 2020 blog, “The Murder of Clint Peoples.” While that essay described the content of this chapter in summary form, it evidently did not satisfy several people who asked for something more substantive to support the assertions made. The translated pages — presented side-by-side with the original pages — should help to address those concerns.

Among other things, Mr. Reymond also noted the efforts of Federal Judge Barefoot Sanders to continue protecting Lyndon Johnson’s “legacy” even decades after LBJ’s death. Those acts, all described in detail within the book, render him to be the leading suspect in ordering the murder of U.S. Marshal Clint Peoples as I have previously argued in LBJ: From Mastermind to The Colossus.

When I began writing my first books I was falsely informed that Billie Sol’s stories in the Reymond book were merely repeats of what he had written in his own book. That is absolutely not true; though there is a small degree of overlap, Reymond was able to gather much more original, very salient and informative material not only from Estes, but, as indicated by these excerpts, from other sources as well, through Tom Bowden to people like Madeleine Brown and Jay Harrison. For example, there is this quotation from John Paschall, the district attorney who argued the Henry Marshall case before the Grand Jury regarding the work of Clint Peoples: “During these years, he had amassed so much evidence against Cliff Carter and Lyndon Johnson that he could have revised the History of the United States in just a few hours.” And that is just one of numerous references to Paschall, who they interviewed at length. Another Texas contact they had acquired information from was Phil Banks, the attorney for the family of Henry Marshall, who was cited several times.

Another example of previously unreported information (to my knowledge) can be found on pages 300-301, references to information regarding Lucianne Goldberg, a literary agent in New York (a friend of, then counselor to, Monica Lewinsky), who, in 1960 was known as Lucy Cummings, and worked on the electoral campaign of Lyndon Johnson. She is quoted as stating that, on two occasions, once in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, another in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles (the headquarters of Lyndon Johnson’s campaign) that she had seen Mac Wallace in the company of Lyndon. 

In order to read more of Reymond’s book — the remaining 400 pages — readers might want to consider buying a copy of the book and use on-line translators to do exactly that (which could be used to find more details on all the other citations I’ve made to Reymond’s book); or having a French-speaking friend read and summarize it chapter-by-chapter. There is an abundance of other deeply buried points not available anywhere else that bring more coherence to the overall story that I’ve attempted to re-convey here and in my first two books. There is no way that I can provide any more insights than the summaries already contained in my “Colossus” book and publish here due to potential copyright infringement issues (I believe the excerpts I’ve used comply with the “Fair Use” guidelines).

The attachments in pages 2 and 3 were done merely for the purpose of providing the extended “proofs” that have been requested by other researchers as noted above.

NOTE: If the type-size needs to be adjusted (increased or decreased) on any of these pages, right-click on the page and go to the new tab; the cursor will turn into a “+” sign, clicking it on the new page will increase the type size. If further adjustment is necessary, simultaneously hit the “Ctrl” and the “+” (plus) to increase type size further, or the “Ctrl” and “-” (minus) to decrease the type size.

Page 2: Translated pages 278-281

Page 3: Translated pages 282-284

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