Billie Sol Estes: A Sordid History Atoned: “Sol” Finally Vindicated — PART 3

Page 3 — Pam Estes’s Obituary

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6 thoughts on “Billie Sol Estes: A Sordid History Atoned: “Sol” Finally Vindicated — PART 3

  1. Thank you for your response I have thoroughly enjoyed your book on LBJ. Harold worked at the First National Bank in Pecos. He was my uncle and also the first witness in the Billie Sol case. Trying to find out more about him. Not many witnesses against LBJ’s cronies lived to old age like Harold did, but then again Harold never talked about it even to the family, never.

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    1. If you haven’t yet read my second book (“Colossus”) I think you would enjoy it as well, especially the 48 page Chapter 1, about Clint Peoples’ long investigation of Billie Sol’s charges against LBJ. I can sell you an autographed copy for $25 with S&H “all-in” just LMK.

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