2 thoughts on “General Edwin A. Walker: The Revelations of A Family Who Knew (and Loathed) Him

  1. White Male Supremacist beliefs are often connected to today’s
    “Incels” rising. Had no idea this website existed but I do own
    this book. Further news of RW Gen. Edwin G. Walker makes clear
    the long time desire — still being worked on today by FLYNN — to
    propagandize members of the military with RW material — white
    male supremacist stuff, anti-Holocaust, Nazis-propaganda, anti-
    Jewish material, etal — Desire to move the nation to a new Civil War.

    One of the still missing History/Discovery documentaries on JFK
    assassination at a time when they were referring to themselves as “The network for the New Millennium” actually covered the 1992 JFK
    Unclassified Records Act and conclusions by the Panel headed up
    by former Governor John Tunheim. After seeing Oswald’s work records, Income Tax Returns, W-2 forms — all of which was denied to the press at the time of the assassination — Tunheim and the Panel of 4 reached the unanimous conclusion that “OSWALD WAS EMPLOYED BY THE CIA WORKING ON HIGH LEVEL ASSIGNMENTS AND PROBABLY ALSO FOR THE FBI.”
    The documentary I believe was a “Cold Case File” and played for at least 4 weeks in the Spring — possibly a bit longer — until there was a disappearance of the program. About a month or so later a very strange program appeared, hastily prepared obviously, which was
    rather muddled and clearly trying to attack info in the original program. Very quickly that program disappeared. Later it was made known that the original documentary had been confiscated –all copies destroyed — and it has never been seen again.
    Wondering if Phillip Nelson was aware of that documentary?


    1. Thank you for bringing it to my attention! And “No” I had not been aware of it and/or its disappearance. However, I must say that the “white male supremacist beliefs” expression, as unnuanced as it is generally used, unfortunately wraps “us” together as if we’re all “racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic freaks”. Irrespective of that, I do not know anyone, on the “RW” or the “LW” who wants a “new Civil War.” For the record, I think the message left in the first paragraph is a bit “incendiary,” other than the reference to Gen. Walker, who undoubtedly did fit the definition stated above.


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