Read Nexus Redux: Professor David Denton’s Excellent Essay / Critique of Joan Mellen’s Shameless Book

One year ago, upon the publication of his Essays on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, I wrote the following: “Professor David Denton, in compiling his essays into a highly readable yet succinct 84-page book, has focused his attention on a number of books by authors such as David Talbot, John Newman, Joan Mellen (and others, including my own), and essays or presentations made by other researchers — including Edgar F. Tatro — to recompile them in his own way, forming a unique prism that adds clarity, context and coherence to our understanding of this most tragic event in American history.” With his permission, we now present the complete article.

Professor David Denton’s Compendium of
“Essays on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy”

The first pages of the book set the stage, beginning with the Table of Contents

This page appears as the last page in the book, however I’ve moved it here to serve as the Introduction. The “Afterword” is now serving as the “Foreword,” followed by a short biography of Professor David Denton:

NOTE: To adjust the size of these articles for easier reading, right-click over the image and select “Open image in new tab” then go to the new tab and move the cursor over the image, a “left click” will expand the image. It may be further controlled by holding the “Ctrl” key and “+” to increase, or “-” to decrease the font size.

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