Read Nexus Redux: Professor David Denton’s Excellent Essay / Critique of Joan Mellen’s Shameless Book

Part 4:

Summary and Conclusion

David Denton’s treatise provides a concise, coherent and conclusive rebuttal to Joan Mellen’s experiment in “creative writing.” The “word on the street” when it was published was that she had been commissioned by someone in Texas, on the board of a federally funded library there, to take on this project; that can never be proven of course, but all the signs of a “whitewash” are apparent.

That she said, about the case against LBJ: “There is no credible evidence linking Lyndon Johnson to the murder of John F. Kennedy,” (p. 264) — while ignoring the credible witnesses (yes, including the now “vindicated” Billie Sol Estes and Madeleine Brown, as well as numerous others with first-hand knowledge identified in my two books on the subject) not to mention the conclusions made by the redoubtable Ranger/Marshal Clint Peoples — demonstrates the author’s presumptuous arrogance that is manifested throughout the book.

I urge everyone to have a closer look at this book, which can be purchased either in 8 1/2 X 11″ slick paperback or e-book / Kindle at Lulu publishing HERE.

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