On the 53rd Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s Murder, Additional Evidence is Presented Proving that William Bradford Huie Was Always a Lying Weasel

Huie Caught in More Lies: Changing the Circumstances of Emmett Till’s Murder. As if we needed more evidence of the novelist Huie’s execrable methods of converting the facts of a “true crime” into myths in order to comply with the dictums set by the purchaser of the story. 

William Bradford Huie
Looking “Slick” at age 40

Just as I discovered the numerous lies that William Bradford Huie left in the wake of the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. (see HERE, HERE, and HERE for blogs on that point),  so did author Dave Tell, in his 2018 book “Remembering Emmett Till.”  That point was summarized by him in an article he wrote for the Jackson, Mississippi Clarion Ledger on August 27, 2018, which can be accessed HERE.  That short article should be read in its entirety to get a full understanding of how Huie invented a complete set of serial lies in order to make his assertion that Emmett Till was so fearless that he remained unafraid of the gang who set out to kill him throughout his gruesome beating.

The gist of Dave Tell’s article and book is that the fabled stoicism of Emmett Till is an urban myth.  In other words, a bald-faced lie, invented by William Bradford Huie because the Look magazine editors required him to get signed releases from all four of the alleged murderers.  Only two of them were willing to do that for a payoff of $4,000 by Huie, the other two refused.  So, as author Tell explained: “It was this need for signatures that ultimately turned Till into a stoic.”

The following excerpt from Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King Jr.? further explains how Huie’s deceitful conduct helped to hide the real truths of the Emmett Till murder for nearly seven decades.

Note: To increase the font size of this excerpt, hover the cursor over the document and right-click to open a mini-window. Then left-click “Open in a new tab,” and go to the new tab; left click on it to enlarge the image.

The larger point is that Bradford Huie, a long-time (20+ years) friend of J. Edgar Hoover was chosen by him, and given carte-blanch authorization to create a mythical account of the life history—and the 1967 prison escape and year-long journey leading up to Dr. King’s murder—of  James Earl Ray. Hoover needed an alternative to a real FBI “investigation” to set that story, and this assignment of Huie’s mission presented the perfect opportunity for that.  It obviously worked, as Huie’s book became the basis for the FBI’s story then, and a decade later it was again cited dozens of times by the 1977 House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA).

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