3 thoughts on “The Mysterious Death of Australia Prime Minister Harold Holt

  1. Johnson has been involved in how many deaths? Even if only strongly circumstantial. How many people did not jump when Johnson ordered them to?
    Have all of his papers been gone through to check for his thoughts? With his ego he would not be able to keep from commenting.

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    1. I’ve documented dozens just within these pages but as this very blog-post demonstrates, there are many such as this that are still being discovered. The reason there isn’t a cumulative “grand total” of persons murdered by his order is because — to be completely accurate — one must include not only all the men lost in Vietnam (and those incapacited by PTSD whose lives were cut short later) but the Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians who were lost due to Johnson’s “Americanization” of their civil war. In looking at the dilemma in this context, it would go over the hundreds of thousands, well into the millions.

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