Temporary Notification of Pending Blog Changes

The first announcement below is about a new podcast with Kris Milligan, proprietor of TrineDay Publishing, below on this, the 54th anniversary of the Israeli IDF’s attack on the USS Liberty. This is a “temporary” announcement, in that the podcast will be merged into the other audio and video interviews page.

Click on here for audio podcast

On this 54th anniversary of this tragically Shakespearian event, we should be reminded of how close the U.S. came to “World War III” as a result of Lyndon Johnson’s deluded quest to raise his popularity in the political polls so that he could win another term in office.

Moreover, as we reflect on “what might have happened,” we can be thankful that, thanks to the heroic crew on the Liberty, they managed to keep the ship afloat long enough to reach a port in Malta for the needed repairs. Furthermore, we should all be “super-thankful” that LBJ’s cunning plan was thwarted and his own party dumped him in the 1968 contest for the presidential nomination.

The second announcement is that the other pending blog, “In Defense of “Tosh” Plumlee: How His Critics (unintentionally) Help to Vindicate Him —And His Story of “That Day” is still being finished, and is now only available to three other people who are assisting in its completion. It will be published shortly and an announcement will follow.

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