In Defense of “Tosh” Plumlee: How His Critics (unintentionally) Help to Vindicate Him —And His Story of “That Day”

Page 5 — FBI Documents (Exhibits Cited)

Exhibit A1 Complete FBI Report

Exhibit A-2 — Excerpt of Pertinent part

Exhibit B — Excerpted expanded part of longer document

Exhibit C — Sample, one of uncountable many, of “misfiled” exculpatory documents hidden on the Mary Ferrell website

Exhibit D — FBI’s Admittance that it Could Not Match Plumlee’s Signature to Checks

4 thoughts on “In Defense of “Tosh” Plumlee: How His Critics (unintentionally) Help to Vindicate Him —And His Story of “That Day”

    1. Not sure what you’re referring to, it is now public, since 6/13. It was originally “private” while I worked on it with Tosh and others, as I explained in the “Temporary Notice” blog. Try refreshing your browser.


  1. Thanks Phil… Very good research. You’re the first who found the documents- the ones that were said not to exist- and took the time to read them. You are the first who went deep into those non-existence, miss filed and flawed documents in order to establish the truth of that day and time.
    However, character assassination is still laid upon the real players, the ones who were sucked into that day and that tragic event. Some of those players are still alive today.

    However, some of the so called JFK researchers -the self appointed ones- the so called “experts”, are still around. They will see that their self made reputations as JFK scholars stay intact. They will continue to protect their lies and tarnished reputations at all cost.
    Character assassination within the JFK assassination research community is still very much alive and well.


    1. Thank you Tosh, for “fighting the good fight” to shine the light of truth into the dark recesses in the dungeon where the worst government secrets are stored. I had been a bit confused about why some people could not accept your attempts to make your case, so for 6 or 7 years now I’ve thought about it. The task of trying to rebut it was rather daunting due to the complexity of what you’ve been through, so I hope that this piece will help people sort through the many details of your story. The worst part was attempting to cut through the “fog” that was injected into the record by those who wanted to keep you from speaking out. If it’s any consolation, you’re not the only true hero who the “powers that be” want silenced. You’re in good company with Assange, Snowden, Kiriakou, Shipp and Lindauer, to name a few, who are in the same boat with you. Good luck to you Tosh, you really deserve the ultimate “Whistleblower” award, but the true heroes don’t seem to receive it — seems that they are reserved for mostly the phony ones.

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