Cudos to Gloria Healy from the UK for referring this BBC production to me. As Gloria stated, it was found “. . . on the YouTube channel of John Edington Documentary; it is an award winning documentary made by Otmoor productions Ltd . I had not seen it previously on YouTube so I’m assuming it’s only been posted recently, I think You would find it most interesting. The documentary has no leaning, so to speak, of James Earl Ray being guilty of the murder of Martin Luther King Jr, It simply deals with logic including ballistics.”

This video has “stood the test of time” very well, hitting the most salient points of the story, and the related anomalies, while presenting it in a completely objective and straightforward manner.

The more interesting aspects of this production are found in the filmed interviews with people like Percy Foreman, Jim Garrison, Harold Weisberg, and James Earl Ray himself. A man who was one of his handlers, if not the legendary “Raoul” himself, Jules Ricco Kimble is also featured, among others.  Most of people appearing in the film are now deceased, but they come back to life in film long enough for us to “measure their mettle.”

More importantly is the fact that the film got so much right, for its time circa 1990. It’s this point that forms the biggest contrast to what appeared in Europe, vs. what the U.S. media produced. It illustrates how divided the U.S. was from the rest of the world in that time and space, resulting in two disparate story versions due to all the “disinformation” books that were put out in the U.S. media, at the corrupted FBI’s behest using CIA’s imbedded assets.

The video is just over one hour in length, but one can jump to any point on the timeline to go to a particular person or event, including these, as noted by the timeline references:

  • 6:00 – Percy Foreman, followed by James Earl Ray
  • 7:15 – Foreman bloviating, threatens to betray Ray in trial if he didn’t go along
  • 9:00 – Dr. Pepper comments on Hugh Stanton’s conflicts of interest
  • 11:00 – Recap of J.E. Ray’s travels to Canada
  • 14:00 – Harold Weisberg comments on “ridiculous collection” of items in material Ray “left behind”
  • 16:00 – Policeman Vernon Dollohite, Bill Pepper, Earl Caldwell, Charles Q. Stephens, James McGraw, the actual rifle “left by J.E.R.” filmed for first time, and a firearms expert, also Harold Weisberg says window woodwork “dent” was “ridiculous” and failure to conduct tests “ludicrous.”
  • 26:25 – Philip Melanson on pulling police tactical units
  • 28:00 – Fletcher Prouty on “who made the call” to reduce forces
  • 29:00 – Detective Ed Reddit, who had been let go home due to Holloman’s action
  • 30:00 – Lt. Arkin / Police and Fire Commissioner Holloman
  • 32:50 – Melanson states MPD gives “doctored” records to HSCA
  • 33:45 – Holloman and Hoover long history together
  • 36:30 – Former FBI agent Arthur Murtaugh testifies re “vendetta against MLK”, quotes fellow agent “We finally got him”
  • 38:30 – Mobster claims Giancana declines $1 million offer to kill King
  • 41:00 – Dr. Pepper discusses John McFerran testimony
  • 48:00 – How Toronto became source of Ray’s fake IDs, then Montreal — Intelligence assets essential for how the papers would be given the aliases (which Ray denies)
  • 51:15 – James Earl Ray in Montreal same time as Jules Ricco Kemble; who was “Raoul?”
  • 52:00 – Chasing Kimble in NOLA leads to Jim Garrison — comments on JFK assassination
  • 54:00 – Two weeks in Ricco’s travels cannot be established; he admits doing two murders in Canada and met with Ray to arrange IDs from a “CIA front” — he also states that he flew Ray from Atlanta to Montreal as directed by his CIA contact,
  • 1:00:00 — Philip Melanson states belief that “Raoul” was a composite based upon Ricco primarily; Ricco himself states that CIA was running the operation

For a summary of how the FBI and CIA colluded for five years to “neutralize” MLK — under the authority of Lyndon B. Johnson, see the two-part essay “The Murder of Martin Luther King Jr.: How the Myths Were Created and Sustained for Fifty Years” see:



  1. Thank you again, for bringing truths to light, and sharing them with us! It IS sad that the U.S. won’t tell us any of that.


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