UPDATE: “New Development Exposes the FBI’s Plot to Kill Malcolm X”

The Remaining Questions Pertain to How Much Else the Investigators Discovered That is Too Sensitive for Public Consumption: e.g. Hoover’s FBI operating as Murder Inc.?

Nine months ago (February 25, 2021) the original post with this title included a number of issues that were raised upon the death of a former New York City policeman who, trying to clear his conscience, revealed what really happened to Malcolm X.

It became clear to all (at least those who were paying attention) that two of the men who had been convicted of the murder were completely innocent. One of the two still imprisoned had already died, but a third man — previously paroled who had, paradoxically, admitted being the killer — while denying the others were involved.

Now comes the news (see HERE) that the last of them still in jail, Muhammad Aziz, has been freed due to the obvious “framing” of them by the FBI, with assistance from local police officials in 1965. Another article, in the New York Times, added further context to the injustice to the two completely innocent men framed by the FBI:

The two men spent a combined 42 years in prison, with years in solitary confinement between them. They were held in some of New York’s worst maximum security prisons in the 1970s, a decade that bore witness to the Attica uprisings.

Since the time of their arrests, ever so slowly, the original story has incrementally broken down, now finally crumbled into dust, just as the same should eventually happen to the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations, all of which relate to the same culprits.

It may be just another case of “Justice Delayed / Justice Denied” but that doesn’t begin to resolve the larger issues laid bare about how the FBI was guided by its then-Director J. Edgar Hoover, always acting implicitly with the blessing or acquiescence of his old friend, neighbor and collaborator, Lyndon B. Johnson.

The emerging riff can be gleaned from the following citations to the above latest “Breaking News” articles:

  • “A trove of F.B.I. documents included information that implicated other suspects and pointed away from Mr. Islam and Mr. Aziz.
  • “The FBI and NYPD had evidence of Aziz’s and Islam’s innocence within hours but ignored and suppressed it
  • “. . . the late FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover ordered agents to tell witnesses not to reveal that they were informants when talking with police and prosecutors;
  • “The re-investigation found that the FBI and police failed to turn over evidence that cast significant doubt on Islam and Aziz as suspects, according to a court filing;
  • “The bigger questions of how or why this happened still remain unanswered,” Innocence Project co-founder Barry Scheck said.

Mr. Scheck’s interest in the “bigger questions” may portend further revelations yet to come, or may just be a statement of the obvious. Yet that is improbable, given that further avenues for the corrupted legal system to correct wrongs committed 56 years earlier no longer exist.

Absent a complete release of all related documents, it is rather doubtful that the political system will allow any probing that might reflect the “Murder Incorporated” organization that was run out of the executive offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation throughout the 1960s.

This development, while fundamentally critical to the correction of the historical record, will undoubtedly not be factored into a general reprisal of either J. Edgar Hoover or Lyndon B. Johnson. The latter’s rarefied status, in the historian’s listing of best U.S. Presidents, is unlikely to be budged toward the bottom of the list, given how they have done so little to expose his worst treasons.

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