My Interview with William Ramsey Investigates

Click HERE for podcast.

Today I completed a one-hour podcast interview with William Ramsey, proprietor of a major cutting-edge news report, “one of the top 1.5% podcasts in the world” as professionally monitored. We briefly discussed my first three books but the primary focus was the fourth book Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King Jr.? — The Case Against Lyndon B. Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover.

Within this podcast I explain the major points made for the first time within the book, critically-important to a complete and coherent understanding of how the FBI and CIA choreographed the entire operation to “neutralize Martin Luther King.”

2 thoughts on “My Interview with William Ramsey Investigates

  1. When are you going to evaluate Kissinger’s role in the Vietnam War? How Kissinger and Nixon decide to NOT honor the agreement with N Vietnam to release the remaining POW left behind after 1973. How Watergate was more important than the lives of our military.
    Why is it the democrat congress was so petty to interfere with Ford’s efforts because was a republican.


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