“LBJ: The Robot in the Fake Oval Office” by Mack White

Courtesy of the LBJ Presidential Library and Mausoleum The above photo and two paragraph summary of the robotic rendition of the 36th POTUS is the subject of the article to be referenced below. This fascinating, light-hearted but somewhat troubling article will be of general interest to anyone finding their way to these pages. The gifted … Continue reading “LBJ: The Robot in the Fake Oval Office” by Mack White

Jesse Jackson – Who Conferred Upon Him the Title “Heir Apparent” to MLK? (Hint: It wasn’t Dr. King)

Two of Hoover’s highest-level aides, Cartha DeLoach and William J. Sullivan, possibly others, had the temerity, in 1964, to pick a successor to King to recommend to the NAACP . . . At some point in the ensuing four years, Hoover apparently decided on another candidate whom they selected through their own highly trusted field personnel.

Our Nomination for “Most Informative, Least Read Blog, Ever Award”

This article was originally published one year ago, January 14, 2021. To this day, it is the least-read blog in recent years. The information presented was originally discovered by a French researcher, William Reymond, and published in several other languages — but never in English, therefore it remains unknown to most JFK assassination researchers.