“LBJ: The Robot in the Fake Oval Office” by Mack White

Courtesy of the LBJ Presidential Library and Mausoleum

The above photo and two paragraph summary of the robotic rendition of the 36th POTUS is the subject of the article to be referenced below. This fascinating, light-hearted but somewhat troubling article will be of general interest to anyone finding their way to these pages. The gifted artist, writer and podcaster Mack White originally published this beautifully written article ten years ago in the magazine Paranoia — The Conspiracy Reader, Issue #54, the Winter 2012-13. Within it, he has succinctly covered many of LBJ’s worst crimes in the period up to the assassination of JFK.

At the end of the article, more about Mr. White’s life work and accomplishments can be learned. The image below includes the main cover and his “Bio” page from his own website:

Note: To increase the image size for easier reading, with the cursor set on the page “right-click” and select “open image in new tab” then go to the new page. If necessary to increase size, hit the “Ctrl” and the “+” key simultaneously. (To decrease, use the same procedure but use the “-” key).

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