Did LBJ Kill JFK? — America’s Untold Stories with Actor Mark Groubert

The two interviews with Mark Groubert, by host Eric Hunley. It appears that the thesis of my first book is gaining traction in Hollywood. It’s about time!

This video was built on a foundation of several books which are referenced at the end of this 1-hour, 15 minute video. Groubert refers to my “LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination” as the “Bible,” a very nice compliment.

In fact, he starts off by explaining early on that LBJ forced his way onto the 1960 ticket, acknowledging that it was the beginning of the 1963 coup d’etat, exactly what I originally stated. Eventually, that will be understood by all, even Robert Caro’s millions of fans.

Except for a few minor misstatements, Groubert does an excellent job in laying it all out in summary form. Cudos to him and to Eric Hunley, and Charles Burris as well!

Click HERE to go to the YouTube video for Part 1

Click HERE to go to the YouTube video for Part 2

3 thoughts on “Did LBJ Kill JFK? — America’s Untold Stories with Actor Mark Groubert

  1. Dear Phil
    Many thanks for sharing this informative and also entertaining video. Something that surprised me was the insistence that John Connolly was involved at a very early stage of planning and to a very detailed degree such that he understood he would be at great risk after the seating rearrangement. John Connolly comes over in interview as courteous and measured in tone quite unlike LBJ and maybe this has worked prejudicially to his advantage and contrary to the perception of his deliberate and central involvement in the assassination. I would be grateful to hear your view on this.
    with thanks and regards
    Deborah Shah


    1. Deborah, my apologies for not replying sooner, it been a very busy time for me. I believe you correctly interpreted Connolly’s dilemma. He was probably aware of a pending attack, but (I believe), like others (e.g. Lady Bird) not expecting it until they arrived at the Trade Mart. You’ll see a reference to this point in a very important blog that I’m working on now, due out in another week or two. It’s primarily about Mary Ferrell and how she was already to go about beginning immediately after the assassination, even though she was never a fan of JFK, had a full time job at a law firm and raising four teenagers, decided she wanted to become “the Queen of the JFK researchers”


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