Mary Ferrell’s Enigmatic Past, And How Her Namesake Foundation Added Even More Enigmata to the Mix

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Summarized Financial Data for MFF

Oliver Curme is apparently still a member of the MFF organization and an Executive Official of Pixelworks

According to this chart (from a “Business Professionals” website) he is listed as an active member or executive for five entities, including both the MFF organization as well as the Pixelworks corporation (notably excluding Battery Ventures, his original corporate base):

Financial Records from MFF non-profit filings with the IRS

For Details and Annual Filings see HERE

From Edgar Online — see URL on first line above (Click Ctrl and “+” to enlarge type)

4 thoughts on “Mary Ferrell’s Enigmatic Past, And How Her Namesake Foundation Added Even More Enigmata to the Mix

  1. Well-done, sir. I wish to note that I only saw a 2002 MFF tax document, among the “Mary Dean”materials, that got Mary so mad at me. Certainly, had I stolen them as later claimed, why would I have asked Mary and Carol Ann about them? The 2002 tax document allowed me, in 2006, to use numbers included on it to find the MFF tax records in the public domain, which I then disseminated to the research community to show the connection between David Lifton and the MFF. That caused the MFF’s tax and business records to be removed to another state, I was told, where by law they could not be disclosed to the public. Please correct me if they are still in “Boston.” I also witnessed Mary destroy many index cards from her “earliest” notes which were hand-written, as well as two personal letters from Marina, who she said often visited her. Mary’s son, Jimmy, showed me a Christmas card
    Marina had sent to him. To understand the great bulk of materials Mary gave to me, it filled the entire trunk of my car, including stacks of THE GUARDIAN. I was then struck by behind (have the police report) the same day and was hospitalized with a concussion: antifreeze in the trunk split open and spilled over some of the materials. After I got out of the hospital, before the car (which was totaled) was hauled off, my sister and my son rescued what was not ruined. Together, we found the “Mary Dean” records and tax documents in the stack of LIFE magazines. There was also a negative of Mary and Buck IN NEW ORLEANS, by a riverboat, and a letter written to Mary from Memphis by, apparently, a sister or cousin. So there were other odd items, too, in the stack of Life magazines. Mary was going to burn them, and in fact, a big city trash bin in the backyard had been set on fire by somebody when I was at her Holland address for the last time. Mary had also given me all her children’s daily (Catholic) Missals, and even several pairs of expensive shoes– she had dozens of pairs of Salvatore Ferragamos in her bedroom, worth thousands of dollars — stacked brand-new in rows in their original shoe-boxes by her closet. I was so naive and trusting of her. You have provided an accurate picture of The Dragon Lady. Thank you. –Judyth Vary Baker -Apr. 5, 2022-


  2. Judith we spoke over the internet many years ago. You had just set up in Holland and feared for your life. Stiffed by the millionaire who set up his own murder solved website. I told you about the graduate doctors from Liverpool who were on the coach to Mexico with Lee. You said, ” Ask them, did he mention cancer to them”.
    I believed you immediately. I know you are a true and Honest person.
    Best wishes for your future.


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