UPDATE: On the Martyrdom of Thomas Merton

Check Out These Two NEW Video Links:

  • An Excellent Video About the Long-Suppressed Truth of the Murder of Thomas Merton
  • And a Beautiful Musical Tribute to Merton’s Life, Legacy, and Unsolved Murder, by Judy Collins

From David Martin, co-author of The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton posting here, two new “Must See” Videos, both of which owe their message to that book. And in both cases, they deserve the viewers’ undivided attention (unlike much of the flotsam that pervades the typical inbox).

And, in my opinion at least, Judy Collins is not just “as good as ever” but if this rendition of her new song dedicated to the life and legend of Thomas Merton is any sign, she is even better than ever.

Go HERE to see a copy of the beautifully written lyrics:

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