Judge Napolitano on What Trump Told Him about JFK Assassination Documents:

“Judge, if you saw what I saw, you would know why I can’t release them” ~ President Donald J. Trump

Left-click on graphic to open link (cudos to smittyboy for alerting me to this new video)

Clearly, whatever it was he saw, it must have been so explosive as to be the ultimate “smoking gun” that will bury the entire existing case as promulgated by the Warren Commission 58 years ago and (essentially) validated by the HSCA 15 years later.

But he left a sign that he might do that, when he delayed the release until April, 2021, presuming that he would be re-elected in 2020 to his final term in office, when the blowback wouldn’t matter anymore, at least to him personally. The rest is history, and under the present administrationnow desperately fighting for its continued existencethere is no realistic possibility that it will even be further discussed any time soon.

At the end of the 2 1/2 minute tape, Napolitano stated that this was very unusual, because Trump rarely ever changes his mind. For him to renege on a major promise to his legendarily-loyal followersone he had repeated a number of timeson a matter of this gravity, he must have known that it would have a major adverse psychological impact on the citizenry of the entire nation, maybe the worldas to the federal government’s own intrinsically-doubtful political legitimacy.

What is at issue here, possibly even as considered by President Trump, is the very legitimacy of manyif not allof the national and international policies, treaties and laws made over the last half century by an illegitimate government (the strongest argument being, at least for the entire 5+ years of the Johnson administration and arguably extended further, due to the attenuated repercussions: One such major example, is the point of how President Nixon continued Johnson’s policies in Vietnam for five more years.

If that be so, the potential for riots in the streets (the kind that did appear in some American cities, circa 2019-21, though sparked by other causes)only in this case, one might expect it to spread to all major cities, and the intensity increased at least by a factor of 10, or higherand that might have been the final straw for the country called the “USA”.

Furthermore, he probably figured that releasing them thenin his first termwould have been so politically catastrophic that it would cost him his reelection in 2020. We’ll never know for sure, presuming he never does a “tell-all” news conference. But given his previous behavior style, such an outcome should not come to anyone as a surprise.

Judge Napolitano also referenced Trump advisor Roger Stone’s opinion that Lyndon Johnson was behind the assassination and then quoted a former Air Force One steward who stated that Johnson went through half a bottle of scotch on the flight back to Washington, and described the LBJ parties’ raucous party that became so loud he had to close all the interior doors to avoid disturbing Jackie.

Evidently, it didn’t take too long after his swearing-in ceremony for LBJ to shout (figuratively or not) “Let the Party Begin!”

2 thoughts on “Judge Napolitano on What Trump Told Him about JFK Assassination Documents:

  1. Simple: The proof of a “south knoll shooter”, thus proving that more than one shooter was located inside the Plaza; proving conspiracy. The FBI, WH, and CIA have been aware of this information and proof for over fifty years. There are many reasons why this information can not be released publicly. The government can’t release the facts until all players, political and private, are dead. The lone assassin the “Patsy” LHO would be exonerated and the real assassins, the political and real government players in a massive cover-up would be revealed. The established, and too, the many historical accounts, books, etc, would have to be rewritten. The falsified history would be exposed. AND we know we can’t not let that happen.

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