NEW! “JUSTICE for LIBERTY” Video-Taped Oral History Interviews With 11 USS Liberty Survivors, and 4 of Their Wives

A ONE MINUTE TRAILER to a Very Important Video — Personal, Horrendous Memories From Eleven Survivors — []

A Summary / Review of This Video:

Yes, this is a very long video: 1 hour, 47+ minutes long. But it is essential for anyone to completely understand what happened aboard the Liberty ship that day.

The brutally vicious deadly attack intrinsically required the kind of person behind it to be similarly brutal. There is no objectively sound alternative to that assertion, and, considering all the evidence compiled, only LBJ had the power, the narcissistic-mania, the motive, and the opportunity to do what had been done.

His power extended to having executive control over the Israeli leadership then in power. In contrast to that, there has never been a believable account that any Israeli political or military leader ever possessed a realistic motive for having done what they did, aside from the obvious: LBJ’s order to do it.

Crippled USS Liberty Struggles to Stay Afloat in the Aftermath of LBJ-Ordered Attack

Each of the eleven survivors describe in detail their own individual experiences before, during and after the brutally-vicious attack which has been documented to have been ordered by President Lyndon B. Johnson to Israeli leaders to sink his own ship, for his own personal political objectives.

One need only try to imagine themselves being on that ship, experiencing their own nightmarish images that would become seared into their brains at the highest recall level. Just imagine being aboard the Liberty during that 90+ minute attack, a seeming unending succession of French Mirage fighter jets pumping cannon fire and heat seeking missiles to demolish its electronic gear, making figure 8s in the aftermath, returning multiple times, followed by other, slower aircraft which dropped enough napalm on it to keep the fires burning for hours as the heroic crew fought to keep it afloat. Then came the four motor-torpedo boats, each firing at the ship, followed by two troop helicopters filled with marines packing enough firepower to mow down the survivors and explode that ship into Kingdom-come, literally. After 90 full minutes of the attack, the IDF suddenly left the scene, evidently due to a Russian destroyer that was underway, passing closely.

And then came the 17-hour overnight wait for help to reach them. By then, the Liberty was barely moving away from the scene, nearly “dead in the water,” creaking too loudly for anyone to get any sleep, as they imagined that the weakened vessel might sink at any moment. Each of the men aboard experienced that frightful night as if they were alone and abandoned; there was nothing they could possibly accomplish working as a team, other than to keep the ship moving towards Malta, a one week journey from Hell.

Can anyone who wasn’t there even comprehend what these brave men had experienced, not only during the attack, but as importantly. in the aftermath? Hear what Edward Bechtel had to say about how he spent that night aboard a heavily-damaged, listing military ship seemingly abandoned by the entire U.S. Navy for the rest of the day and into the night:

“I uh, It was a difficult time immediately after that . . . um, a lot of things taking place, the mess decks where I was stationed became the hospital room, if you will, every chair and table was used to treat sailors’ injuries they received during the attack.  I discarded my communication equipment, because there wasn’t a need for it at that point and started just helping where I could taking care of the sailors.

“That night, I wasn’t really sure . . . what was going to happen to the ship.   As we were sitting there, pretty much dead in the water, trying to make our way north.  But, uh, I stayed topside, spent the entire night up there for fear that if I was to go below decks to try and grab some sleep I didn’t know if I’d ever come back up. “

As one watches the full one hour, forty-seven minute video, consider how the attack itself lasted about that length of time.

The immensity of the attack will then begin to come clear to the viewer, as the commentary about their own recollections progresses. The question each viewer should be asking themselves might be, “given all the proof that now exists that this operation was run directly by Johnson, through his NSA, CIA and Pentagon resources, why does the federal government continue to deny the obvious?”

The proofs are so profoundly compelling that the conclusion is undeniable — they reprove the legend of “bad acts by leaders” being exposed by Hans Christian Andersen as a fable: “The Emperor Has No Clothes.” In LBJ’s case, among others, it was no fable, the evidence clearly demonstrates, finally, what really happened in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea on June 8, 1967.

But there is a much greater point that many researchers still don’t get: The numerous other criminal acts — especially the multiple other murders as detailed elsewhere within these pages — combined with his actions on that day, should be sufficient to settle the arguments about who was also the primary “driving force” behind the murder of John F. Kennedy.

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