NEW VIDEO ON MOON LANDING HOAX: The son of a guard at film site states that LBJ Attended the Kick-off of the Hoaxed Filming Event!

A just-released video essentially validates the premise of my July 24 blog “Was the Moon Landing Lyndon B. Johnson’s Greatest Hoax of All?”!

Gene Gillmore, the man appearing on this self-filmed video in 2020, died last February 13, 2022. He had made arrangements for the video to be released upon his death. This video was released a few days ago, on September 11, 2022. Mr. Gillmore explains in considerable detail how his father had told him, in a “deathbed confession,” of his involvement in “Project Slam-Dunk”: An enormous logistical project by select military personnel to create a movie set in the New Mexico desert at or near Cannon Air Force Base.

Presuming this is a true account, his most important point of all was that President Johnson attended the first day of this event, obviously to get the point across about the provenance of this very high-security [top secret] operation. Everyone there had been warned to never say anything about what went on, and nearly every one of them abided by that until the end of their lives (probably numerous others are no doubt still alive, still living in fear of speaking out). Gillmore’s father apparently took it very seriously, and obviously so did the son, keeping the secret until his death, and only then allowing the video to be released.

The 14+ minute video reveals Gillmore to be a sincere man, someone who detested brazen lies as much as his father did; obviously the son, whose possession of those mementos of his father—photos, military medals and his MP badge—proves the lineage, and that imbues credibility to his testimony. The video describes the most pertinent points of his father’s “deathbed confession” which is now passed down to the rest of us:

Within the video, his note about the time of this event stated “June 1-3, 1968.”

I went to the website for the LBJ Library and Mausoleum to check Johnson’s diary for this time period. The attached pages (2, 3 and 4, below) are copies of Johnson’s “official” diary for your reference.

Given Johnson’s numerous deceitful and treacherous acts and related cover-ups, it is no surprise that there is no mention of his trip to Cannon Air Force Base, Clovis, New Mexico on any of these days. According to Gillmore’s story as passed on to him by his father, LBJ appeared on the first day of filming. That was on June 1st, where his diary indicates he spent the better part of the day driving various people around the ranch and nearby towns, including daughter Luci, whose search for a new roll of camera film took three stops at Johnson City stores before she purportedly found one. The contrast between such an inane entry (one of many) on that day, compared to others, which generally described more notable events (such as those for the other two days) is, to say the least, notable.

The diary entries for that Saturday, June 1 mostly consisted of arcane references to the exact times he spent “driving on main ranch area; driving east on Ranch 1; through Rocky Creek” [etc.]. While this pedantry was a general pattern of entries made (especially during his time spent on the ranch), it was much more prominent on that day: Practically the entire day was purportedly spent just driving around the ranch and on various roads meeting neighbors and friends, including Judge A. W. Moursund for lunch (a long-time friend and business partner who eventually terminated that association for reasons he never explained—however, the story being told now might have had something to do with it).

Lyndon’s well-documented penchant for deception and cover-ups might explain those ambiguous entries: As cover for several hours, while he left the ranch on the Air Force Jetstar parked on the runway behind the ranch house, he apparently left for a 90 minute flight (450 miles) to Cannon AFB.

He would not bother to spend very many hours there, just enough to make the point. Altogether, it would not require more than an hour or so for his appearance there, for perhaps 3 hours of flight-time round-trip, for a total of 4 to 5 hours minimum.

The diary’s mention of the dinner guests that evening, including his Hollywood friends (Arthur Krim, Ed Weisl, Lew Wasserman) and special guests Gregory Peck and Henry Ford II, possibly actually occurred, and would have been unaffected by Johnson’s possible absence between, say 11 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. So close had they become with Johnson, Krim and Wasserman probably knew all about his trip, possibly even acted as facilitators to recruit Stanley Kubrick into the global scam back in 1964-65 (Which is undoubtedly when Project Slam Dunk itself began—the building of the huge hangars which were described in the video as a movie set obviously had to have started about that same time).

LBJ’s presence at Cannon AFB was not essential of course, at least in the sense of supervising / micromanaging such an operation. His purpose in making such a mid-day trip would have been merely to be seen and heard by all of the screened participants to signal the need for absolute secrecy, ensuring that such a brazen fraud would never be exposed. He probably did not need to personally elaborate on the severity of penalties that would be dealt to any whistleblowers (although doing so was certainly within his nature); other Air Force brass would have already explained the nuances of the penalties to be exacted for anyone with loose lips.

And, given his inability to empathize with others or tell truths about anything, he would not concern himself how his orders to keep silent about outrageous actions ruined many lives through the force of government edict to keep such a major fraud pinned up forever.

A Sidebar: How Military Secrecy Orders are Delivered

Given the circumstances, it is fair to presume that the warnings were probably delivered along the lines of what Admiral Isaac Kidd, two or three days after the attack, told the USS Liberty survivors, in groups of four or five by rank: In low and sincere tones, he stated that he was just “one of the guys,” while taking off the two pairs of stars (both collars) and throwing them into a tin bowl to get their attention.

After each surviving sailor or officer (many of whom were very seriously injured, and on a hospital ship, also including sailors from other ships who saw the damage first-hand) explained in detail what he had experienced, Kidd returned back to the bowl to collect the stars and return them into the well-worn pinholes on his collar.

It was at this point that his tone dramatically changed, suddenly, as he began delivering the following words in terse, passionate and emphatic staccato-style delivery:

“Ok fellas, now I’m an admiral again and I want each and every one of you to understand something. We’re talking about National Security here, not your personal feelings, not what you did or did not do… I could really give a shit about any of that. You listen to me once, because this is the only time you’re ever going to hear it.

You are NEVER to repeat what you just told me to ANYONE – not your mother, your father, your wife – ANYONE! Including your shipmates. You are not to discuss this with anyone, and especially – ESPECIALLY – not with the MEDIA, or you will end up in PRISON, or WORSE!

– Rear Admiral Isaac Kidd Jr., to USS Liberty survivors

Other such accounts collectively prove that, as part of their training for certain assignments, officers at that level are actually trained on “practices, procedures and methodology to be used in ‘terrorizing, tormenting and torturing officers and enlisted men” upon orders given at the presidential level.”


Three years ago this 3 1/2 hour professionally-made, highly sourced and validated film titled American Moon was published (of which I only recently became aware, as noted below). This film (and others too numerous to list here), combined with the deathbed confessions of an actual witness, via his son — and his own “deathbed confession,” in my opinion, are conclusive evidence of the premise I previously described (see epigraph above).

The film covers dozens of important points, all of which debunk the idea that any astronauts ever made such a trip. Toward the end, at about 3:24:00 on the timeline, the focus on how the astronauts (Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins) themselves were in a funk months later, unable to explain what they felt was the historic meaning of their achievement, they stumbled or simply refused to answer such a question.

Astronauts Speechless: When they did talk they made it obvious that it was according to prepared script.

None of them remembered ever seeing a star. Other astronauts of “inner space,” having seen thousands, even millions of stars, stated that it was impossible not to have noticed the stars (of course, the confusion might have been because they filmed it in a large hanger, where someone forgot to add the white dots on that black painted set). They also refused to swear, for $5,000 cash for their choice of charity, that they ever walked on the surface on the moon.

Finally, given the numerous other frauds, deceptions, murders and assassinations commissioned by Lyndon B. Johnson during his reign of terror—as documented within these pages—I must conclude that Gene Gillmore’s plaintive testimony fits in perfectly with the premise of my earlier blog:

That President Lyndon B. Johnson personally commissioned and attended the execution / kick-off of the 1969 “Moon Landing” fraud which was then presented as fact, something he knew would be his largest accomplishment and essential for his “legacy.”

The hoax project was code-named “Slam Dunk”—and, unfortunately for the government’s credibility—that term now applies to the evidence accumulated over five decades which proves LBJ was entirely responsible for maneuvering JFK to give it life, if only for a short-term basis, until Kennedy came to realize it was impossible to accomplish and, evidently was about ready to pull the plug on it when he was gunned down.

Once JFK was out of the way, Lyndon Johnson then shut down the NASA project and converted the failure into his grandest, showcase “accomplishment”—basically what was a carefully orchestrated movie production—which now should be officially recognized as the “Greatest Global Hoax in History.”

NOTE: If anyone reading this knows Doris Kearns-Goodwin, please remind her that her visit of June 2-3 to the LBJ ranch is noted in LBJ’s diary, including the fact that Lyndon took her to his beach house on Sunday evening, even giving her a ride in his amphibious car. That happened at 8:09 p.m. Please explain to her that I’m attempting to complete this timeline and need to know what time they got the boat/car back to the beach—and anything else she might want to explain about that trip around Lake LBJ, like where they went and what they did while they were alone (e.g. possibly talk about the plans for faking the moon landing??), since it’s missing in the White House version. I need it to add new facts to my May 3, 2020 essay on Doris’s “Complicated Conflictions of LBJ’s Chosen Biographer (see HERE).

PAGE 2: LBJ Diary for June 1, 1968

PAGE 3: LBJ Diary for June 2, 1968

PAGE 4: LBJ Diary for June 3, 1968

10 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO ON MOON LANDING HOAX: The son of a guard at film site states that LBJ Attended the Kick-off of the Hoaxed Filming Event!

    1. Do a “screen refresh” and it will go back to You Tube (where it was originally posted, taken down after 1 day, then to Bitchute (thanks for the heads-up that it was blocked there). I think the message I saw about it not being the copyrighted version must have been true, because its now up (at this moment, anyway) but put there by the guy who put it out there, who is selling a book about it called Moon Man:

      Bart Sibrel
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  1. After watching the film it definitely provides compelling evidence the landing was faked. The last five minutes leaves you thinking what we were told was in fact far from the truth.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Morgan! BTW, please stay tuned for a new, even much more detailed chapter — one that asserts, among other things, that the earlier explosion which killed 3 astronauts was no accident [!!!] Hoping to publish it in a couple of days.


  2. Considering how much LBJ hated the Kennedys, it wouldn’t surprise me — although I doubt that even the US government would waste this much money on a hoax and cover-up. There have been other Apollo missions and other Moon landings. Were they all hoaxes, too?


    1. As I stated in the last of the three “Moon Hoax” postings (in an update at the top of the page dated 10/18/2022), my conclusions pertain only to Apollo 11. I must defer to a friend whose opinion (after decades of following the entire Apollo program is that they were real. I have not studied them at all and therefore am not qualified to opine on them.



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