Great News! The video “Sacrificing Liberty” is now available for FREE VIEWING!

The best video series ever on the real story of the USS Liberty attack!

The four-part (and 4 hours total) documentary closely parallels the narrative of my book, Remember the Liberty!, in all of the most critically-pertinent points, including the role of President Johnson in recalling fighter jets sent from the Sixth Fleet to protect the ship, in setting up the cover-up—and most importantly—its examination of how and why the attack was planned and executed.

Unlike other previous films done on this subject, the video delves into the “backstory” thoroughly, which brings coherence to the narrative of the attack itself and how the failure to sink the Liberty with “all hands aboard” required by the original plan (viz placing the blame for an attack by Israel upon Lyndon Johnson’s arch-enemy Egyptian President Abdel Gamal Nasser as a pretext to attack Egypt) to be jettisoned. Caught without a realistic alternative explanation, it was then decided to declare everything about the attack to be state secrets—for both the U.S. and Israel—with threats of prison “or worse” to any offender of that decree.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

I appeared in this video at ten separate points: (video @ 24:40 and 47:56; audio voice-overs at 25:55; 26:38; 27:10; 31:42; 45:10; 45:42; 46:25 and 49:13).

Support the Liberty Veterans Association — See their website HERE.

2 thoughts on “Great News! The video “Sacrificing Liberty” is now available for FREE VIEWING!

  1. I have read REMEMBER THE LIBERTY and it was disturbing how LBJ ordered this attack. Listening to the men explain how they managed to survive is heartbreaking.
    The betrayal these men had to suffer through, we cannot begin to understand.


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