More Proof of LBJ’s Greatest Hoax: The 1969-72 Faked “Moon Landings” — NOW DECONSTRUCTED!

UPDATE 10/18/2022: Subsequent to my posting this essay, a dear friend of mine, armed with five decades of study of the Apollo Program, convinced me that the subsequent missions were real (those completed in the aftermath of Apollo 11). He also believes that #11 was real, but that LBJ did participate in the video by Gene Gillmore as a “CYA” in case the moon landing could not be delivered. I believe that the film was indeed used, because of all the other evidence cited within the three posts I have presented.

There are many reasons to disbelieve the notion that the series of “Moon Landing” operations with astronauts (1969-1972) ever happened. I remember watching the Apollo 11 “live coverage” on network television in July, 1969, thinking even then that it had a fake look to it, although I never thought enough about it to have scrutinized photographs, looking for aberrations. But the thought that the whole mission was about launching a rocket to orbit the globe while running movie film taken on some faraway dunes, to fool the entire population of the planet that they made it there and returned safely, never occurred to me in “real time.” It took at least three more decades for me to begin questioning the real motives of Washington politicians, generally split down the aisle from both national parties to one degree or another.

The specific reasons to disbelieve it were summarized in my July 24th blog Was the Moon Landing Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Greatest Hoax of All”?

My second blog on this subject (September 14) titled NEW VIDEO ON MOON LANDING HOAX: The son of a guard at film site states that LBJ Attended the Kick-off of the Hoaxed Filming Event! added substantive new evidence to the premise that it was indeed a project championed from the start by President Lyndon Johnson.

In contrast to that blog, the new source (referenced within the video) stated that LBJ appeared there for the entire 3 days, not only the first day, as Mr. Gillmore had stated (though he framed it as the “first day,” he didn’t state that Johnson had—or had not—been present on the second and third days).

We cannot resolve that point here, though the only thing affected by it is related to the fabrication of his diary: It involved fudging all three days, not just the first day. Which actually provides a hint of how Johnson stipulated what names were to be used for the diary entries. They were probably put there against their knowledge, but possibly even with it, knowing of their utter devotion to him; especially the Hollywood movie executives — who were undoubtedly all aware of what was going on in the New Mexico desert, so it made little difference.

Regardless of that, the release of the diary would not have come until several years—or decades—after the fact so it is unlikely that anyone ever scrutinized those entries thoroughly before I did last week.

Now we have obtained additional material from author Bart Sibrel that augments the previous disclosures; he has described it in detail within his new book Moon Man. It includes a transcript of the video showing Gene Gillmore (a.k.a. his birthname: Eugene Ruben Akers), as well as Sibrel’s intensive analysis and a lengthier excerpt than the portion reproduced below.

If the link above should fail, go to this URL (which was active as of the publish date):

The following excerpt focuses on the material presented by Mr. Sibrel, related to LBJ’s involvement:


Within the lengthy document to be reviewed next are references to numerous other facets of this very large story, including what has been alluded to as the murder of the three Apollo 1 astronauts who died during testing maneuvers inside the space capsule due to a fire. It was reported and generally accepted as being of accidental origin; unfortunately, in those days most people had considerable faith and respect for all levels of government, from local to state to even the federal government. Naturally, they accepted practically everything the federal government said about anything, except, finally, for Vietnam, of course.

Another source (The Millennium Report, August, 2019), provides more information about how Gus Grissom’s family along the banks of the Wabash River in Peru, Indiana, near my hometown, had known that their son / husband had been murdered: (See HERE for details of that, but the text below gives the gist of it):

Scott Grissom’s confusion about “why NASA or the government would want to prevent his father from continuing in the program” can now be imputed to be that, at some point between when Gus Grissom and the other two astronauts were selected, and the date of the fire/explosion that killed all three of them, someone figured out that he (or they) psychologically could not handle being forced to hold an enormous lie for the rest of their lives. Their strangely-arranged “accident”, as sold to the public, would not square with what Grissom’s family had been told by their own son / husband before the incident: He knew something very strange was afoot, enough to fear that his own life was at risk. His parents and his wife implicitly knew that the incident was no accident.

In the denouement of this piece, we will return to this point.

Recommendations for Consideration and Commiserations with Others

The stunning news that it was all a fake—designed by the NSA, CIA, DoD and select military assets/personnel, as a matter of national defense—can certainly make a lot of sense in the context of the cold war era. To fool the Soviet Union into believing the myth was the “official” justification for the project, but it also fulfilled another long-term dream, one much more important to LBJ than faking out the Russians: It was probably the biggest, most magnificent additional “star” on the top of his list of achievements. It is one that is still believed by probably 98% of the population of the nation, if not the world. To recognize the falseness of the entire Apollo Program leaves a void in one’s mind that cannot be adequately comprehended — to say the least. But every individual must reform their thoughts about it around what is now known.

It’s about how the federal government during the Lyndon Johnson administration having to create an entire secret bureaucracy, well hidden within itself, missioned to finding more ways to expand the already-existing older cover-ups as well as creating new ones, custom-fit for future ones being foisted upon the country on an on-going basis. See [1] in the endnotes for one striking example, which few people know about (within my book Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King Jr.? additional photos demonstrate the point being made. [pp 402-404]). “Cutting to the chase,” the point is summarized here:

Someone had to actively process an action plan to ensure that the rebuilding of what was once Bessie’s Rooming House would include revisions to (what is now called) the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, clearly for the purpose of strengthening the faux “sniper’s nest” that desperately needed significant adjustments for the public to absorb. It suggests that there were a lot of questions raised by previous visitors about how difficult it would be for anyone to do that, given the need for a shooter to stand in the sloped end of the bathtub, before those changes. That point had already caused much controversy, especially how writers beginning with researcher Harold Weisberg had been raising it contemporaneously; the task of remedying it was finally completed forty-five (45) years after the assassination.

The larger point is that this subject isn’t just about the enormity of the lie about moon landings. It goes to the obvious fact of numerous other lies that were created during Lyndon Johnson’s reign of terror, and how they have been maintained over the last half-century. And the many others that followed Johnson’s presidency further deepened the rot, expanding whatever government agency handling these tasks. It must have grown like topsy since the 1963 Dallas coup d’etat, probably an uncountable number to prop up the numerous myths left in the years to follow (except for the fact that bureaucrats do make excellent bean counters, so undoubtedly they have an automatic indexing process for that).

Regardless of the futility of apportioning blame for the state of the former democratic republic known as the USA—i.e. which previous Presidents contributed the most to the now-collapsing federal government—it would be hard to argue that Johnson wasn’t the worst of them, as chronicled in many essays here. Certainly, all of his successors have contributed their share of failures to the historic 75+ years continuing slide, but none (so far, but that could suddenly change) comes close to LBJ’s own tyrannical actions.

So, “How Should One Approach this Subject?” (In my humble opinion, anyway)

  • First, to honor Cyrus Eugene Akers, the father of Gene Gillmore, as well as Mr. Gillmore himself, and the courageous author Bart Stribel as well: It took enormous courage for them to bring forth what must be considered the final proof of what has long been suspected, though not felt proven, by many people.
  • But not dishonor the astronauts: They were actually forced to participate: It was not something they voluntarily “stepped forward” for. They were treated as heroes before millions of people, yet they could not hide the anguish from their faces and their inability to answer certain questions truthfully (e.g., about whether they could see any stars from the moon), on the videotape embedded in the link below. All of that “duty” was “way beyond the pale” and must have eaten away at their souls for decades. Being in such a thought-prison, remembering something so ugly to them personally, they’ve already been punished enough.
  • The blame for this one must be given to whomever might have dreamed up such a preposterous idea. The only realistic candidate, who would have the driven mania to even think of doing it in the first place is . . . You know who!
  • Unfortunately for those who are unwilling to hold LBJ responsible for JFK’s murder, each one must look at the evidence presented here, which at least demonstrates that only he had the mania and wherewithal to pull this off so grandly. A reconciliation of this incident, together with his many other crimes previously noted herein, should logically extend to accepting his dominate role in the Dallas action back on 11/22/1963.

We know this now from the evidence presented by Mr. Stribel: In a nutshell, I believe that future lunar astronauts in the years 1970-72 were threatened by the materials they were shown, which possibly explains the real motive of the arsonists: Proving that the explosion that killed astronauts Gus Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chafee fourteen months previously is outside the intent of this post. Therefore, that assertion is obviously rank speculation, but it is logically-derived and thus at least a possibility.

Moreover, it would help explain why many of them often displayed their feelings so visibly, as in this photo from last week’s post, as they undoubtedly rued the day they signed on with NASA:

Because, from that time forward, until the end of the Apollo Program, all of the purported “Moon Astronauts” would necessarily have been forewarned about what that meant: Thus would they possibly have been sworn to absolute secrecy and told about how dangerous it would be for them to not to go along with the fabricated myths.

What we don’t know is whether the federal government might have lied to us about a lot of other things which we hold sacred. So sacred that we go along with whatever Washington politicians dream up as justification for “getting something done” under the pretext of “National Security” mumbo-jumbo urgent need.

Recall that in my first (July) post I stated that had taken no position on this topic because the mountain of evidence previously documented was still insufficient for complete closure:

” . . . this essay should not be construed as being an endorsement of the overall point, but a reasonably informed, objective summary statement of the scenario, and my humble interpretation / presentation. The ‘Possible Scenario’ is just that.”

That is no longer the case.

Mr. Sibrel’s book, based in part on Mr. Gillmore’s video, has changed everything. I had always been a “fence-sitter” on this subject, even in the face of the numerous anomalies, disconnects, unexplained contradictions, etc., but could not take the final step over the line.

I have now recovered from the stunning realization that everything we’ve ever believed about the Apollo Program was a lie. And that wasn’t the only thing it proved. When one reviews all the other books and blogs noted on this website, and understands the dimensions of the matrix we now inhabit, it confirms what many of us have long contemplated: The continued viability of the U.S.A. has been put into an enormous abyss, as historic cultural icons (such as the two-party political system itself, and the near destruction of public fealty to the Constitution), fall by the wayside.

And that trail also leads straight back to President Lyndon B. Johnson, who did more than any other president to inculcate his evil nature into the crumbling foundation of which we speak. It was a structure built to be beyond “secure” because its output is designed to continue buttressing lies, though so many are tethered together now it could be likened to a giant quilt sewn together by thousands of seamstresses in abstract and uncoordinated fashion. Despite all the busywork involved with maintenance of that machinery, nothing of substance that would produce countervailing forces that might correct the speed and direction of this runaway train has materialized.

It is run as a monopoly through organic connections to practically all of the MSM, the elite (and some not so elite) colleges and universities, both public and private; and, most importantly, every arm of the federal government, led of course by the FBI, CIA (etc.) through the White House, as well as Congress and, some say, the Supreme Court (mostly through the staff selected to administer the work of the Jurists, and not to the insidious levels as the previously mentioned).

The LBJ-created machinery, now expanding and in solid Deep State control, is working 24/7/365 to constantly crank out new myths out of a concoction of lies, all stewed, brewed and/or barbequed, custom-fit for the latest false flag / black bag and other covert illegal, unconstitutional or merely unethical operations. One of which, a not very well-known one that only readers of my book “Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King, Jr.” are aware, which I personally found as noted in Endnote 1 below.

It can be concluded that elements of what can be called the “Deep State — U.S. division” populate nearly every federal building in Washington D.C. But, evidently, those beautiful, usually-secure, historic federal buildings in Washington now appear to be resting upon that same crumbling foundation.

The overall arc of my research about the real legacy of Lyndon B. Johnson has reached the stage where it should now be pretty well established that he was indeed the Godfather and original founder of what has become known as “The Modern Deep State.”

More on that point will follow in due course.



(Excerpted from pp. 402-404 of Who Really Killed Martin Luther King Jr.?)

Beginning in 2012, a $27.5 million, two-year renovation of the Lorraine Motel—and the rooming-house across Mulberry Street from which William Bradford Huie and several other servile authors claimed the fatal shot had been fired—was conducted. The buildings now comprise the National Civil Rights Museum, and the renovations were done mostly to enhance the visitor’s learning experience, although ulterior goals were also achieved, as we will see. During the renovation, the interior (including floors and wood joists) of the buildings that once housed Bessie Brewer’s rooming-house was completely gutted and rebuilt with steel framework and solid concrete floors. Only the room 5-B and the bathroom were recreated, almost as they were originally built; all other boarding rooms were eliminated to create open spaces for the exhibits.

It is a stunning revelation to observe that, when the second floor was rebuilt, it was obviously raised from the level it had been, by at least a foot, and the bathtub was moved away from the East-facing wall (with the small window) by approximately ten to twelve inches. The only conceivable purpose in making those changes was to create a scene that is much more conducive to a shooter being able to comfortably fire an accurate shot from that location. It stands in stark contrast to what we referenced in Chapter 8, where Harold Weisberg’s description was cited, of how “impossible” an accurate shot would have been to be fired from there. The renovations have removed those impediments, and the rearrangement, incorrectly, now portrays it to be a perfect sniper’s lair, with plenty of room for a man to position himself between the bathtub and window and have the windowsill at a perfect height to fire a rifle from that position.

Photo by author, 12.27.2017 — photo shows how the floor was built at least a foot higher than original, tub moved 10-12″ away from wall, all to create a perfect sniper’s perch.

[2] Wolf, Naomi, The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human, All Seasons Press, Fort Lauderdale, FL — May, 2022 (pp. 51-52). See on Amazon HERE


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