WHAHOO!! My May 21, 2022 Essay Has Climbed to 9th Position on Searches for “Robert Caro” — I Need Your Help!

This, in my opinion at least, is a “Big Deal.” But, more importantly, it informs me that, with a boost in readership at this point, it will climb further, to an even closer level to his own “home page” (now #2, after Wikipedia’s page): At some point, he might feel the need to respond to my essays about the large number of missing events, and people, in his works to date, before his (final) “book #5” is published. He might be moved to take the opportunity to address the issue while he still can.

UPDATE: As of 10:00 A.M. this morning (October 20, 2022) my blog stood at #8 on the list! THANK YOU, to everyone who “clicked the link” to move it so quickly!!

Mr. Caro has stated something along the lines of “the tone will change” in the final book, which I believe will relate mostly to Johnson’s disastrous handling of Vietnam. If he’s as thorough as he claims to be, he will also cover LBJ’s role in planning the June 8, 1967 attack by Israel on his own ship, the USS Liberty, and the creation of a massive cover-up in the aftermath. Perhaps he will also acknowledge the damages wrought by Johnson’s “social engineering,” including how the welfare state essentially destroyed black families at the low end of the economic curve.

The tone will really change if he addresses Lyndon B. Johnson’s actual legacy: That of being the “Godfather” of the Modern Deep State, transforming the (relative) political neutrality of the Washington D.C. governmental bureaucratic infrastructure he had inherited from JFK’s administration into the thoroughly-corrupted Leviathan that now exists, threatening the continued existence of the constitutional republic known as the U.S.A.

As of this date, the line-up of “most-visited” websites related to Mr. Caro looks like this:

I have watched this essay’s climb from “nowhere” only three or four times, coming first to #63 back in July, gaining steadily to #48 in August, #23 in early September and as of today, on searches with Brave and DuckDuckGo to #9! It may be presumed that it will catch his attention also, at some point. Perhaps, if he does notice the trend, he will finally realize that people will begin learning of his many “misses” of his legendary assertionsthat he was trained early as a journalist to “turn every page”was not quite accurate.

In the meantime, with my more recent post (October 10th) about the airplane crash on his ranch on February 17, 1961which Johnson attempted to revise to the 19th, so he could reframe all of it, apparently all for the opportunity he grabbed to swindle $500,000 from the insurance company for the loss of the plane. He needed the extra time to get the paperwork transferring ownership because, until then, he was not the true owner of the aircraft.

Mr. Caro was not the only “journalist/biographer/historian” to completely miss this event: None of them have touched it, other than J. Evetts Haley, who detailed it in his 1964 book, and of course my own “Mastermind” book (p. 206 of the Skyhorse editions).

So, even if you’ve already read it, please have another look at it (or just click the link for kicks and giggles) and help nudge it up a place or two. Perhaps we can change history, with Robert Caro’s help: PLEASE CIRCULATE WIDELY!

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