Guess Who I ran into in Dallas: America’s Untold Stories’ “Dynamic Duo” Mark Groubert and Eric Hunley

Prepping for the show: “Who was Malcolm “Mac” Wallace?”

They mentioned our meeting several times, and at about 1:00 hour through 1:08 minutes they elaborate briefly about it.

As for the interview itself, they will add it at a later date to their “unstructured.locals” substack. This website is accessible to “members only,” and costs $5.00 per month (or $50 for an annual subscription paid up front).

If you join their “” (the “substack”), be sure to check out their extended commentary about their interview with me on LBJ’s hit-man Mac Wallace at: “Grillstream 11-18-2022 Mark and Eric together

Their casual style makes for easy and fun listening, while they share commentary on very important historical issues. Listening to them in the background while working on other things brings levity, soul-nourishing information and solace to one’s mien and countenance.

One such story, at about 28:20 on the timeline, was about Lyndon’s sister Josefa Johnson, and her husband Willard White, where White had gotten into a “huge national scandal” when he attempted to steal an entire planeload of Adolph Hitler’s personal effects. This is an interesting “backstory” that I’d never heard before. There were many others, all delivered in “funny story” — hilarious fashion.

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See HERE for their complete listing of “America’s Untold Stories”, including “Who Killed Tippit”, “Who Was Jack Ruby”, “Who is Ruth Paine” and “Who was General Edwin Walker.”

One thought on “Guess Who I ran into in Dallas: America’s Untold Stories’ “Dynamic Duo” Mark Groubert and Eric Hunley

  1. So VERY interesting! There is so MUCH being buried that need to be made known . Thank you ALL that are digging, your BIBLE need to be read by everone Phil Nelson.


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