How LBJ Laid the Groundwork for the Climate Change Agenda

President Johnson: “He Who Controls The Weather Will Control The World”

As merely one of his many devious and conniving acts, in June 1962 Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson unveiled—and created a movement to advance it forward—a plan that would put the government bureaucracy in charge of controlling the weather, formerly one of God’s numerous jobs. It was sold on the basis of a need to improve weather distribution and the potential to prevent tornados and hurricanes. Nothing was said about the many affronts to mother nature, including the intrinsic futility of such an initiative as well as the pollution of land, sea and air that is a significant part of the environmental effects that the investment was supposedly intended to reduce. This first step by Johnson would eventually lead to what is now purported to be “climate change” (previously termed “global warming” until enough people realized that Plymouth Rock is no more submerged than it ever was and there are as many icebergs as there ever were in recorded history). One last undeniable point: Evidently, the Obamas’ (among numerous other “stars”) are not seriously concerned with rising seas either, having purchased a $13 million house on Martha’s Vineyard.


LBJ Announces 1962 Plan to Control the Global Climate — Click on the above screen to play

In his extended comments, Johnson declared:

“Control of space means control of the world. From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the gulf stream and change temperate climates to frigid.  In essence, the Soviet Union has appraised control of space as a goal of such consequence that achievement of such control has been made a first aim of national policy. [In contrast], our decisions, more often than not, have been made within the framework of the Government’s annual budget. Against this view, we now have on record the appraisal of leaders in the field of science, respected men of unquestioned competence, whose valuation of what control of outer space means renders irrelevant the bookkeeping concerns of fiscal officers.”

The nascent program to control weather—having rudimentary roots dating back to 1953 according to researcher Dane Wigington—was seized in 1961 by Lyndon Johnson throughout the 1960s and has since morphed into a virtual global leviathan, with tentacles’ into many other stratagems related to various methods now used to conduct weather warfare. That began with weather-changing events he authorized through experiments conducted in Vietnam. According to Climatologist Cliff Harris, the military “Operation Popeye”:

“. . . was carried out by helicopters and U.S. Air Force jets . . . intended to extend the annual monsoon season over the ‘Ho Chi Minn Trail,’ turning it into a muddy mess. But, the Vietnamese soldiers were used to swampy roads. It had little effect on them, but our soldiers were “bogged down in the quadmires caused by repeated cloud-seeding with silver iodide crystals.”

According to a website called Weather Modification History, what LBJ started with Operation Popeye was not revealed until 1971, in the Nixon administration, as explained in these short excerpts:

Operation Popeye’s weather warfare project was conducted from Thailand over Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam and was allegedly sponsored by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and CIA without the authorization of then Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird who said “we have never engaged in that type of activity [weather modification] over Northern Vietnam” in Congressional testimony. [1] The top secret weather modification operations were conducted by military WC-130 planes [2][3] and RF-4 jets [4] spraying silver iodide and lead iodide into monsoon storm clouds. Operation Popeye first came to public light in March 1971, when reporter Jack Anderson [5] published The Pentagon Papers [6] and a story in the New York Times [7] based on a secret 1967 memo (below) from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to President Johnson.

The 1967 memo from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to President Johnson:

ACTIONS: “LAOS OPERATIONS – Continue as at present plus Operation POP EYE to reduce the trafficability along infiltration routes” & AUTHORITIES/POLICY CHANGE: “Authorization required to implement operational phase of weather modification process previously successfully tested and evaluated in same area”. (US Senate, Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment; 26 July 1972; p. 5). [6]

Lyndon B Johnson’s Real Legacy: Seeding Clouds and Setting the Takeover by the Fascist Elites

Three years later, on On May 24, 1965, he formally submitted his “Message to the Congress Transmitting Sixth Annual Report on Weather Modification” [See HERE] which described all of the expected “benefits” of managing the weather, including the prevention of tornados and hurricanes (which has still not been “perfected” as we can all attest).

Specifically, it said, in part:

The development of methods for altering weather and climate to the benefit of mankind is a subject of quickening interest in the Congress and the Executive Branch of the Government of the United States–as, indeed, it is to all of the human race. We recognize that achievement of such a capability would mean vast economic and social gains for human life on this earth. I believe it is both symptomatic and symbolic of the character of the American people that we are now engaged in first steps toward this goal, not for any narrow national purpose but in the confidence that such benefits will be shared as a mutual blessing with all of our fellowmen.

Of course, LBJ didn’t live long enough to see it through, but his progeny did, people like Al Gore (none of whose predictions came true, by the way), the Clintons, Bush’s, Kerry’s, Obamas, to name a few of many others from the U.S.—together with their ties to the international socialist brethren like George Soros and Klaus Schwab—were able to grab the baton and move it along over the ensuing decades to the precipice: the no-mans’ land where we now collectively exist, wondering silently, “what’s next?”

Thusly did Lyndon B. Johnson set in motion a movement that gathered speed, momentum and size, propelled by globalist, “one-world” government movements that gained popularity with their pledges to unite the world against the threat of nuclear Armageddon. But, as it now becomes clear, the reality is that they fully expect to ignite that weaponry if the “Reset” cannot be done through their existing political muscle.

The aforementioned climatologist Cliff Harris also observed that, “[a]mong the substances found to be in recent laboratory soils in central Iowa were several that should simply not be there: 6 bacteria, including anthrax and pneumonia, 9 chemicals, including acetylcholine chloride, 26 heavy metals including arsenic, gold, lead, mercury, silver, uranium and zinc, 4 molds and fungi, 7 viruses, 2 cancers, 2 vaccines and 2 sedatives.” [See HERE for full article].

The rather exotic mixture of chemicals described here—and other similar truth-telling sources—illustrates the breadth of the government’s efforts to continue selling the program to the public, as well as justify its expansion into many other still-unknown areas.

An article titled “Weather Warfare: Weather Modification Technology in Warfare” published in July, 2021 brings this insidious idea first propounded by Lyndon B. Johnson up to date with how very sophisticated systems have been developed to embed nuclear warfare into the mix, putting Lyndon’s original idea “on steroids.”

An article titled “What Are They Spraying in the Sky” (HERE) suggests that cloud seeding can sometimes have the opposite effect: Creating drought conditions as a means to depopulate certain areas, such as what may be occurring now for areas close to Lake Mead (i.e. Las Vegas). The following excerpt summarizes the point:

Activists claim the program, which remains undisclosed to the public, is altogether different from the practice of cloud seeding to stimulate rainfall.  To the contrary, aerosol spraying seems to do a better job of causing drought in the western United States. That’s because one of its core design features is to stop normal clouds from condensing into precipitation. This chemical manipulation is visible whenenver you see what look like contrails in a tic-tac-toe formation across the sky. The contrails start spreading outward, eventually becoming a smoke-like haze shrouding out the sunlight. It’s also possible to detect the aerosols in storm systems whose clouds appear to be dissolving into whisps of cotton candy as they cross overhead.

Throwing trillions of dollars at fixing a non-existent problem is, to say the least, ridiculous. And, considering the opportunities lost, it is astoundingly absurd and it can only be considered as “a means to an end” that will ultimately ensure total control over the population of the world.

It is Time to Lose the “Left / Right” Political Paradigm: That’s Passé

The ancient “Left / Right” gamut, as simplistic and limited as it is, no longer defines the “New Rules.” It is the direction the elites have planned for the Great Reset: They include the major tech-oriented corporations; the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; the entire federal government and all of its agencies; the leadership of both of the major political parties; high-level members of the MSM, Hollywood stars; members of the CFR, the WEF, the WHO, and the overlapping members of the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, the Davos Crowd and other such “elites.”

All of that versus the rest of us mere mortals.

The dichotomy that replaces the “Left / Right” linear gauge is the “Global Elite Fascists” vs. “Freedom and Liberty Fighters” (or comparable titles). It is tragic, but it appears that the Elites are in full control now and the direction is set, unless something very explosive happens to reverse it.

Such literary/liberal luminaries as Dr. Naomi Wolf has predicted that tyranny of the masses (what’s left of them) will follow. And as Robert F. Kennedy has demonstrated, the Covid19 planned-demic was unscrupulously used to exercise complete control of the American public—call it a gigantic Beta Test. Moreover, Oliver Stone’s son Sean Stone, through his many podcasts, has examined the implications of all of it, and has reported his prognostications widely in a fashion similar to what author F. William Engdahl has written about within several books. There are many others we could cite and their collective warnings are a clarion call to all, that all-out nuclear war is now a distinct possibility, with multiple fronts. This is a sobering thought, but optimists believe it is not too late for things to change.

As the saying goes, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions,” and it should be clear by now that, once a government program is established and funded, it takes on a life of its own and grows in ways not even foreseen when it began. And in this case, despite clear evidence that the original major objectives (e.g. eliminating destructive storms) were never realized during the 57-year life of the program, it has somehow not only survived, it has grown and expanded in scope, becoming the potential source of the nation’s destruction. It is now an insidious and invasive permanent fixture that serves other purposes, probably unknown even to most of the members of Congress and Senators who are supposed to monitor its value and performance.

The corruption injected into the framework of the entire federal government by Lyndon B. Johnson, through this generally unknown and unheralded act, has now manifested itself as the “Great Reset.” Combined with his many other treasons and treacheries, the corruption he introduced in the 1962 video and 1965 legislation produced the very dangerous global Leviathan now threatening the destruction of America as we know it.

And that threat should be known by LBJ’s famous initials.

End Notes:

1. “Vice President Johnson at Southwest Texas State University (1962)”, Texas Archive of the Moving Image.

2. Wasser, Alan. “LBJ’s Space Race: what we didn’t know then (part 1)”, The Space Review.

3. Launius, Roger. “National Security: Space and the Course of Recent U.S. History”, U.S. Air Force Academy, page 6.

4.Hersh, Seymour. “Rainmaking Is Used As Weapon by U.S.”, The New York Times. July 3, 1972

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7. Lyndon B. Johnson. “Message to the Congress Transmitting Sixth Annual Report on Weather Modification.”, Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project. May 24, 1965

4 thoughts on “How LBJ Laid the Groundwork for the Climate Change Agenda

  1. It is downright scary to see the nut jobs that have been “president “of the USA and how they have had such devastating effects on our country


  2. Excellent, informative coverage of yet another aspect of Lyndon Johnson’s evil megalomania which taints our world even today.

    For anyone who wishes to expose (and contend with) the true nature of the socio-political and cultural landscape in which we now find ourselves, the mantra must be that the current day Democrat party is, in every way, the institutional progeny of its true godfather, Lyndon Baines Johnson.

    Ruthless, greedy, deceitful, degenerate, manipulative, shameless, thoroughly-corrupt, power-crazed, godless, soulless, and unrestrained by any sort of moral or ethical approbation or the slightest concern for any human beings or humanity generally…these were the essential characteristics of Lyndon Johnson, as they are with the fascist Democrats of present day.

    The malignant senile demagogue installed in the White House as “46”, by way of brazen, unthinkable fraud that would have made “36” proud, is fond of bloviating about a battle for the “soul of the country.” If there is such a battle, it could very much be analogized to a choice between the public ethos, the character and the motives of John F. Kennedy versus those of Lyndon Johnson.

    JFK was no saint, but he was an angel compared to the corrupt, evil, demonic wretch that was LBJ. At his worst over his entire presidency, Richard Nixon couldn’t conjure enough nefarious intent to match a typical day at the office for LBJ.

    Unfortunately, as sure as Lyndon Johnson saw to the obliteration of John F. Kennedy, the LBJ-Grade Democrat Crime Syndicate is currently prevailing in their quest to destroy our republic and install a permanent totalitarian monolith masquerading as a “democracy” (as if that is what this country ever was or should be…a people ruled by majoritarian mobs).

    There may not have been justice possible for JFK, other than the cold comfort of the inevitable implosion of the fraudulent Johnson presidency, but as Kennedy himself often said, no one can kill an idea.

    The idea of our constitutional republic can never be destroyed. But as Thomas Jefferson noted: the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. But he also knew that vigilance is only part of this cost, since liberty is a tree that must eventually be watered with the blood of both patriots and tyrants…


    1. Well said Tyler. At least many of the best congressmen and senators (the “peaceniks” if you will) were steadfast against LBJ — though many of them (Fulbright, Gore Sr., and most other Southerners) didn’t support civil rights legislation while most Republicans did. Now, the best of them (Tulsi Gabbard) was forced to resign from the party by the left-wing nut-jobs.


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