Final Score: Truthtellers: 1 / Plumlee Trolls: 0

And the End of a 60+ Years Gaslighting Campaign Intended by the FBI to Keep Tosh Plumlee’s Lips Closed, Forevermore

See Page 3 Attachment HERE for close-up comparison to another photo of Tosh in 1963

Not many Americans realize that the CIA—only one decade old in 1957, as directed by the Chief Facist Allen Dulles, behind President Eisenhower’s back—presided over actions to support Fidel Castro by flying stolen guns and ammunition into the heart of Cuba. Tosh Plumlee, then a very young pilot, having signed up for service to protect his country from its enemies, was put right into the middle of this thoroughly illegal and unconstitutional activity. THAT, and everything that went with it, due to the fact that he had witnessed it directly, is what produced the decades-long “love/hate” relationship between him and the “National Security” state. (This is the essence of what the first blog HERE on this subject covered, on June 13, 2021).

To summarize the overall situation with Wm. Robert “Tosh” Plumlee since the last article regarding him over 18 months ago, recall that when he testified in 1978 to the HSCA (House Special Committee on Assassinations), 1,563 pages of it were deemed “Classified” and held back from release to the public. Subsequent to that, his testimony to two separate Senate Committees (first chaired by Sen. Gary Hart in 1983, then Sen. John Kerry in 1988) also took classified testimony, some of which has now been released. However, in their public statements, both senators subsequently acknowledged Plumlee’s truth-telling testimony; yet even that wasn’t enough for the establishment’s “thought police” to call off the attack dogs.

Thusly did many of the dutiful proponents of the various organizations committed to perpetuating official government decrees — e.g. the NYT, WaPo, the Atlantic magazine [etc. ad nauseum] as well as, last but not least, the Mary Ferrell Foundation — take the baton and successfully move it forward, as though their mutual mission in doing so was to maintain the momentum of the Leviathan referenced by President Eisenhower: “The Military-Industrial Complex” which is now known generally as the “Deep State.”

Their combined goal was clearly to ensure that its primary role would be strengthened further, and its continued existence be secured. That was essentially the original mission accepted by Mary Ferrell, sometime before November 22, 1963—as demonstrated in the February 15, 2022 blog—and explains why its officials have helped to perpetuate the myths that are now in the last stages of disintegration.

Despite Plumlee’s noble attempt to bring to the attention of the Congressional leadership the fact that the CIA was breaking numerous statutory rules, as though they were unconstrained by any such legal “strictures and technicalities”—or simply “the niceties of due process”—while the agency was deploying an untold number of operatives to the task of repeatedly warning Tosh to not discuss any of it publicly.

It took a lot of courage and stamina to continue those efforts in the 60’s and through the millennium and beyond, while being arrested, held without charges for months in a Colorado jail in 1964, and, on another occasion being beaten by two agency thugs then discovering, on his way back home, that his house had been ransacked then burned to the ground.

And, worst of all, having his character assassinated for 65 years, in their vain attempt to shut him up, one way or another. And it almost worked, until now.

It is now official, as revealed in a recently released document that clearly demonstrates his presence alongside numerous high level CIA affiliates.

It must be a sad and dreary day for all those folks (seemingly being paid to do so by some phantom being, or agency) who have spent so much time and energy on the very long road taken by mysterious forces out to gaslight forever the kind, personable and highly principled heroic citizen named Robert “Tosh” Plumlee (but don’t ever expect any further official repentance, apology or even further acknowledgment from the “powers that be” for this outrageous persecution of a genuine, long-term, and honest-to-the-core whistleblower).

Do not expect that he will ever be officially recognized as such, with all of the appropriate emoluments—like a medal, or a certificate of officialdom’s remorse, whatevernothing tangible will manifest itself, to assuage the pain and the grief / aggravation pent up within the victim’s soul, having been battered by such violence, and the threats of even more intense future actions. Such honesty and humility—or, more likely, even forgiveness unto themselves—could not stand before over-protecting “national security” secrets (i.e. the mythical lies).

In fact, Plumlee must certainly hold some kind of record for the length of that “character assassination” program which has still not disappeared after the previous attempt to vindicate him in my June 13, 2021 blog. Within that blog, we establish that the FBI’s original gaslighting operation began in 1957, when Tosh’s flights to Cuba, running plane-loads of stolen guns delivered to Fidel Castro, had to be buried in FBI files never intended to be ever opened again. Altogether, the recently-released secrets have been hidden away there for 65 years—though enough had been previously available for most informed people to “connect the dots”—now there are no longer any life-lines left for the unrepentant trolls to hide behind. The best that we can hope for now is that they will finally decide to suspend operations — though it may take another decade for such a house-cleaning, so one must be very patient for “justice” to prevail.

But, to make matters worse for these folks, the other names on this official list connect Tosh to 16 people who aren’t just “ambiguous, low-rung ‘others’.” Those named within this just-released document (below) seem to suggest a certain commonality, one that ties Tosh Plumlee to very highly notable men, all intrinsically connected to “The Big Event” in one way or another. It appears that the names are in a kind of approximate “pecking order” with Manuel Artine, James Braden, David Ferrie and John Martino higher on the list than Tosh (#11) and Johnny Roselli, Sergio Aracacha Smith and Frank Sturgis among others, evidently lower on the totem poll.

This listing, with our friend Tosh right in the middle of it, surrounded by all the names that were heretofore denied as being anywhere near his wheelhouse (in his case, the pilot’s seat in a huge C-130), is all the evidence needed to finally declare that Tosh has won in the battle he has waged for truth and justice and the American Way.

We can now see his “Superman” qualities were never about his supposed “bragging and desire for fame and glory,” as “they” have tried so desperately to convince the public.

No, what becomes clear now is the level of artifice, banality, cunning, deviousness, egregiousness, falsehoods, hubris and guile that has always (since the afternoon of 11/22/63) been used, designed originally by none other than the famed inventor of those themes put them into the mix. Yes, you know who that was, I’ve noted the name previously, at least a thousand times.

But “relative importance” is a very subjective thing, and completely dependent upon the list’s purpose. Certainly, for example, Roselli had been “read in” to the plot at a much higher level than Tosh, who was merely acting out his role as a young pilot in an operation described to him as an “abort mission.”

To think that was the same thing Roselli was told is absurd on its face. Plumlee didn’t know anything more about that mission than did the people running ground operations at the same airports he flew into on the trip out of Tampa, then New Orleans, Houston, then Garland and finally Red Bird Airport in Oak Cliff, south Dallas.

Therefore, let each person who reads this essay and the attachment consider saying a little prayer for Tosh’s sake. That should help to “balance the scales” caused by the terrible dishonor that the thoroughly corrupted (thanks in large part to LBJ personally) U.S. government has saddled him with.

Of the many people meeting the official government-defined standards for a formal status of “whistleblower,” it is safe to say that no one on that list has better credentials for that distinction than Mr. Plumlee. Yet, his being a bit “politically incorrect,” is the big demerit he has received by “the powers that be,” so, if he ever does make that list, we’ll all know that the “best” scenario has played out and the nation, and the rest of the world, won this round on what Naomi Wolf called the last stage before abject tyranny takes over on a global scale.

William Robert “Tosh” Plumlee should be considered a “Hero” to the JFK Assassination Research Community and treated with due respect for a person who’s been grasping at the dragon’s tail for decades, while certain “researchers” have pursued a relentless character attack on him. That their position, for decades (as in numerous other areas, in all of the 1960s assassinations), perfectly aligns with the “FBI / CIA / et. al.” narrative is a troubling indicator of where their real interests lie.

From this time forward, anyone suggesting that Tosh Plumlee is not a national hero, to the bona fide cause of pursuing essential truths related to John F. Kennedy’s memory, should be laughed at, ridiculed and ignored.

(It is particularly ironic that Mr. Blakey noted Plumlee’s close association with John Martino)

See ATTACHMENT (Page 2) for a statement dated 12/17/2022 from Wm R. “Tosh” Plumlee

See ATTACHMENT II (Page 3) for photo comparison of Tosh at a young age compared to the figure in the Cuban newspaper of him atop an army tank in Havana welcoming Fidel Castro.

A PSS NOTE TO THE TROLLS: Please let us know if we may help in any way to serve you some fresh-fried crow at a time and place of your choosing. Just let us know that you are fully repenting and this is what you fully agree justifies our bestowing an acknowledgement conditioned only to your remittance of a video file proving that you ate a whole serving of crow meat (do not substitute chicken, duck—or meat from any other bird or mammal, or those awful non-animal soy products—and call it “crow”, that would automatically negate your sincerity and thusly, your claim for the free dinner as well. For those reasons, we must personally verify it’s actually a dead crow that will be served).

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