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A statement from Tosh dated 12/17/2022

I want this out for the record and before the fact. This file and documentation remain classified and have not as yet been released in full. This memo was sent to the Senate Investigative Committee and is not classified but makes reference to some of the recent information declassified and released into the public domain. Senator Gary Hart and Senator John Kerry have copies of the original memos and those originals are on file at the NA and remain classified.

copy recap for Senator John Kerry and Senator Gary Hart 1991


June 13, 2009

Xxxxxx sensitive classified:

Redact xxxxxx Senate Foreign Relations xxxxxxxxxx


Yes, XXXX I did talk with Senator Hart and Senator John Kerry about George E. Joannides and his background with Zenith Tech, M-26-7, and ‘The Cuban Project.

Bill Conroy of Narco News is currently doing a follow up on Joannides in reference to the Cuban Revolution (M-26-7) The 1985 Iran Contra and drug running DEA operations.




Recap to Senator Gary Hart and the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senate Foreign Committee

Mr.xxxxxxx This is not anything new. In 1980 a completed CIA and FBI file or the DR, the M-26-7, Joanides, and a Mr. Howard were destroyed in a fire in Grant Colorado. Portions of these reports were not declassified at that time. Some of the classified CIA and FBI files were lost in that fire. However, a few were saved and the Colorado CBI turned those burned records and documents over to the FBI. The FBI question me as to my having those Classified files, and wanted to know how I obtained them. I refused to answer and I told them I would by glad to tell a federal judge and I requested they take me before one.

In 1987 on a FOIA request, filed by me, a few of those pages from those reports were released by the FOIA request to the FBI. The pages had burned marks around the edges and within the body of the documents. (I posted one of these documents a few days ago. Letter to Thomas Downing; reference Robert Morrow)

When I joined this xxxxxxxx this subject matter did surface and I was called a xxxx as to the documentation of which I speak. As a result days of posting replies to those who accused me were spend in an attempt to get, what I thought was interesting information to be researched by the community. Its been about four years now and here we are again.

Also, these burned files and documentation obtained from FOIA along with affidavits concerning Dallas Operations were turned over to Senator John Kerry and staff, as well as Senator Gary Hart as the investigations into The Iran/Contra and the Drug War were being investigated. (documented) At that point I was attacked by the IRS and I was shut down for over ten years… (documented)

I know all this means nothing now…, but this is to let anyone out there, who really cares about this matter, that this is old hat and has been tampered with and covered up for years. And those involved in its investigation have paid a dear price as to their freedoms to expose some of the events they were involved with or associated with concerning the DR, the M-26-7, Operative Howard, and Joanidis and those days of old.

I do not expect this thread to go anywhere, because some out there, and a few on this forum and in other places, are bound by a control nature, for whatever reason. They will see to it that this matter goes no further and it will die on the vine so to speak. And too, those who push for an investigation into this subject matter will be discredited.

As to the affidavits concerning Dallas and other documentation pertaining to the Iran/Contra, of which I turned over to Senator John Kerry and his investigators of 1986-91 were classified by the Kerry investigators, “Top Secret, Committee Sensitive” and will remain so, as I have been told, for fifty years.

My point: Information before the fact of this most recent interest on the subject matter was released by me and others as far back as the Church Committee of 1974 and at a later date, the Iran/Contra investigations of 1986-91.

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