LBJ: The “Godfather” of the Modern Deep State

Or, “How LBJ’s Crimes Led to the Complete Corruption of the Federal Government as His Progeny Insidiously Infected Both Political Parties, Now Intentionally Working to Destroy Constitutional Government”

LBJ leers menacingly at JFK, like the high school bully he once was

Those Forces were set in Motion on November 22, 1963 by the primary founder and Godfather of the Modern Deep State. The many other treacheries and treasons that followed have snowballed their way into the nascent fascist tyranny we see unfolding before our eyes.

THE PREMISE of LBJ as Founder of the Modern Deep State does not mean that there was no predecessor organization; the operative term is “modern” as will be explained further below.[1]

The following excerpts from the 2013 book Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War summarize what had existed before Lyndon Johnson established his growing power base during the 1950s.

Beginning after WWII (i.e. the “modern” era), where FDR had managed more than a few extralegal covert / international ops, (thus might be considered a “Grand-Godfather” in that context) it was Lyndon Johnson who, by January, 1961, seized the leadership role of the “Military-Industrial Complex” about which President Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower had warned the nation—then in its nascent infancy.

By the time Lyndon Johnson became vice president in January, 1961 the intrinsic power he promptly consolidated exceeded that of JFK’s—in terms of the military and intelligence agencies (see HERE) and the financial power centers (see HERE) as well as most broadcast and print segments of the MSM (see HERE and HERE). The four books I’ve written on this subject contain multiple additional examples of this point.

Ike’s warning about that imminent danger was something that only President Kennedy ever attempted to address, and as soon as Johnson became President, the warning was quietly dropped and the danger flourished once again, growing exponentially ever since.

Johnson’s 180-degree turn from JFK’s tepid relationship with Israel, to one of near-absolute obeyance to their every wish, completed the circle. Worst of all, his capitulation to the Israeli leadership subsequently led to his collusion with them in the planning of what became known as their Six-Day War; that eventually led him to concoct an idea which, he expected, would provide him another landslide election, just as his “Tonkin Gulf” hoax had done in 1964.

As demonstrated in the essay at the following link, he inserted a sub-operation which was supposed to occur on the first day of the Israel/Egypt war: Johnson committed treason by prodding Israel to attack his own warship, as a pretext to join them in their war against President Abdul Nasser of Egypt (See HERE). This, he believed, would rally Jewish support throughout the nation, a demographic that had largely, and loudly, led the national protests against his misbegotten Vietnam war.

The growing cancer on the nation expanded and thrived throughout the 1960s and beyond, as the technical world advanced and became the foundation upon which the modern Deep State exists. JFK’s assassination was merely the beginning of Johnson’s reign of tyranny. The continuing murders, of Malcolm X (See HERE and HERE), Martin Luther King Jr. (See HERE, HERE and HERE), Robert F. Kennedy (See HERE) and Thomas Merton (See HERE) among others, have been the subject of my four books and 150 blogs at this website over the last four years.[2]

Lyndon Johnson’s Character: A Summation

Author D. Jablow Hershman, in her study of Lyndon Johnson’s mental challenges, Power Beyond Reason: The Mental Collapse of Lyndon Johnson, observed that people who knew him when he taught a class in Cotulla, Texas, were astounded at his manic drive to accomplish a variety of goals. It was as though—driven by his untreated bi-polar mania—he had created a checklist of “good things” to note for his college dean, including much of the school office work, organizing competitions with other schools in sports activities, spelling contests and debate teams, all of which he acted as the coach.

Moreover, as author Hershman noted:

“He also did what many dictators do when they establish their cults of personality; he wrote or commissioned a little worshipful song for the students. He required them to stand when he entered the classroom and sing it to him: ‘Is there anything that we can do for you? We will do it if we can, we’ll stand by you to a man’.”

That kind of adulation was precisely the attitude he demanded from everyone who ever worked for him in later years. His political heirs have replicated it, among every other political trick in his “professional politician repertoire.”

One of his fellow teachers admitted that while he had displayed much energy, he also had a hair trigger temper that could explode quickly into uncontrolled rages. It was undoubtedly shared by the other teachers, all of whom were likely as afraid of him as everyone else who ever spoke honestly about him.

Johnson’s powers of cunning calculation and the manipulation of people—learned and practiced from a childhood spent as an insolent, disobedient class-bully—directly account for how he ingratiated himself into official Washington and the position from which he would springboard into the presidency.

The thirty-sixth president was cruel, mendacious and narcissistic, concerned only about the pseudo-legend he worked an entire lifetime to create, resulting in the false legacy that has persisted today. Lyndon Johnson was anything but the magnanimous, good-hearted and public-spirited man often portrayed by most other biographers. That’s because the earliest “biographers” were people LBJ selected to become his first sycophantic scribes: Harry Provence, Jack Valenti, Marvin Watson, Merle Miller and Doris Kearns, all exhorted to say only good things about his wonderful accomplishments.

Later came others willing to prop up the crumbling façade of the 36th president, such as Robert Dallek and of course Robert Caro (See HERE for a link to a recent essay which contains eleven additional links to articles referencing the thousands of unturned pages Mr. Caro has missed).

William Manchester described the essence of Lyndon Johnson’s being, metaphorically casting him as a military strategist-general and as centerfielder in a baseball game analogy:

“Johnson approached a strongly fortified position by outflanking it, or burrowing under it, or surprising the defenders from the rear, or raining down obstacles upon them from the sky, or starving them into submission. Rarely, and then only reluctantly, would he proceed directly from A to B. To him the shortest distance between two points was a tunnel. His supreme talents were those of the man behind the scenes. But his complexities do not even end there, for few men in public life had found less comfort in anonymity. When the circus catch was made, he wanted the fans to note the LBJ brand on the fielder’s glove. They noted it. It could not be missed. Yet the feeling persisted that bat, batter, and umpire had been stamped with the same brand—that the play had been set from the start. It was only a feeling. Nothing was ever proved . . . [but] Johnson always managed to be out there in center field at the finish, his mitt outstretched to snag the descending ball.” ~ From Wm. Manchester’s Death of a President, p. 270 ~

Lessons of History

“Politics is the art of going to other men’s funerals”

~ Lyndon B. Johnson

(As reported by Michael Janeway in The Fall of the House of Roosevelt, p. 19)

Lyndon and Lady Bird solemnly attend the funeral of Adlai Stevenson about which some suspect he might have personally arranged.

LBJ’s “Legacy

Lyndon B. Johnson’s actual permanent “legacy” can be distilled to this: LBJ was the “Godfather” of the Modern Deep State, transforming what was then a political balance of power within two distinct parties, running a relatively neutral governmental bureaucratic infrastructure which he had inherited from JFK’s administration. The corruption he forced into the bureaucracy—of necessity, to hide the many crimes, treasons, hoaxes and cover-ups he left behind—has since spread throughout the federal government. In the five-plus decades since he left the scene, it has evolved into a thoroughly-corrupted single-party Leviathan, threatening the continued existence of the constitutional republic known as the U.S.A.

Lyndon Johnson’s political progeny—which continue to multiply, repeating his manipulative methods and criminal conduct in their efforts to reinforce the hiding of his numerous deceits, criminal acts and cover-ups—have succeeded in extending the reign of terror he brought forth, growing exponentially into the new millennium.

More than any others of his contemporary era—even those who were instrumental in his ascension to the presidency and the brutal exercise of his near dictatorial wrath during the tumultuous 1960s—it was his lifetime pursuit of crimes and their cover-ups that put him into the all-powerful position he maintained throughout that decade.

The seeds of the current economic, institutional and cultural breakdown—essential for what the elites call “The Great Reset”—are the invasive, overgrown products of Washington’s politico bureaucracy, all traceable to LBJ’s crimes, manipulations and treasons.

Unfortunately, their control of the “national military-industrial / congressional complex” (what is now referred to more broadly, with the inclusion of the MSM and 98% of academia, as the “Deep State”) has eroded fealty to the traditional impediments that protect the actual “national security” of the constitutional republic called the United States of America.

The March Into Tyranny — Now at a Rest Stop on the Highway to Hell

Above all else, all of us “survivors”— of Covid19 and the purported “vaccines” that are now causing physical injury and deaths of many people around the globe—must come to grips with the dilemma each of us must face, in understanding the political environment that awaits us now, in 2023.

Because there are darker days ahead, as a number of recent books have warned.

One of the most comprehensive of these was written by Dr. Naomi Wolf: The Bodies of Others. Ms. Wolf has explained the culmination of many years’ efforts by the federal government to build on a foundation originally constructed with lies and embedded myths primarily (obviously not exclusively) by the Johnson administration.

That foundation has been rotting and crumbling ever since and is close to its last gasping breath.

Her thesis can be understood by considering these two paragraphs: [3]

“So in 2020-22 a blueprint was put into action to crush Western people, crush Western economies, and steal the assets of the working and middle classes. Added to this was the strategy of utilizing mass vaccination of an incompletely tested substance, as a pretext for imposing a digital identity system that could create a CCP-style surveillance society and generate untold riches in data harvesting for a very few.”

“To understand this moment, in which a brutal tyranny is being enacted upon us in lockstep globally by many otherwise familiar and formerly benign-seeming Western leaders and philanthropists and investors, we have to begin to ‘think like a tyrant’.”

“Thinking like a tyrant” simply means applying critical thinking and deductive reasoning tests to what politicians assert, such that their predictable lies are immediately exposed and their political careers ended promptly.

Her idealistic point, of course, is that every individual must endeavor to choose political leaders who can be trusted to perform their jobs honestly and serve the interests of their constituents for a limited term in office, basing their decisions on moral principles and constitutional tenets. The problem with that is—in the absence of term limits—we have a congress of professional politicians, who mostly pledge their allegiance to the most senior leaders, nearly all of whom have been corrupted by greed and power over others.

Six decades ago Lyndon Johnson inherited what all previous presidents had managed to create over 184 years after the founding fathers delivered the most perfect form of self-governance ever. Clearly there were defects that existed due to the uncontrolled growth that preceded it, but the Constitution and the Bill of Rights eventually led to the necessary changes to keep the ship of state afloat.

Thanks to the numerous fractures inflicted upon it left in its wake by the 11/22/1963 coup d’etat, led by Vice President Johnson, the legitimacy of the federal government was undermined. That changed everything. As I stated in my December 1, 2022 essay:

Thusly did Lyndon B. Johnson set in motion a movement that gathered speed, momentum and size, propelled by globalist, “one-world” government movements that gained popularity with their pledges to unite the world against the threat of nuclear Armageddon. But, as it now becomes clear, the reality is that they fully expect to ignite that weaponry if the “Reset” cannot be done through their existing political muscle.

The future of the nation is being auctioned off to the highest bidders, all of whom believe they are richer, more brilliant and wiser, than God. One clear example is how both Communist China and Bill Gates are buying up huge amounts of American farmland and businesses; according to Forbes, as of 2016, China owned around $1.2 trillion worth of U.S. real estate and businesses—and six years later it has undoubtedly significantly increased.

Whatever his motives, Gates decided to become the largest owner of American farm acreage; it is particularly worrisome, given everything else he’s been up to.

He is among the richest “elites” in the world, all of whom are acting, apparently, pretty much like the Christian Bible has long predicted.

For one single example, pertaining to what Bill Gates is currently doing to control food production almost “under the radar” (of the MSM), consider what appeared in the Bible two-thousand-years + ago:

From Proverbs 13 – 23: “Unused fields could yield plenty of food for the poor, but unjust men keep them from being farmed.”


[1] See, for example: “Rising to the Bait — Again,” Also See The 1804 Northern Succession Plot and the Founding Fathers of the Deep State: HERE

[2] Click the title below to read the August 1, 2020 essay:

[3] Wolf, Naomi, The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human, All Seasons Press, Fort Lauderdale, FL — May, 2022 (pp. 51-52). See on Amazon HERE

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