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THE SINGLE BEST VIDEO EVER RECORDED about the real history of the JFK Assassination!

“The Guilty Men” — Part 9 of the series The Men Who Killed Kennedy (2003)

This video is about 45 minutes long, but every minute contains incredibly important background information which is key to understanding what really happened. I owe my entire “Reawakening” about this case to having seen one of the original (of the five) 2003 broadcasts by the History Channel and realized that my long-time suspicion about Johnson was correct; unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the Johnson sycophants to come out of the woodwork to force the History Channel to never rebroadcast it after 2003 .

It was this realization that caused me to decide, four years later, to write the book. I should have acknowledged this within the book but neglected to do so, instead citing only the original book sources for some of the same material that was used here.  But it was this film that was the single “proximate cause” of the eventual book. So, “Kudos” especially to Ed Tatro,  Nigel Turner, the unsung hero Rick Russo (who had previously acquired the U.S. broadcast rights to the series The Men Who Killed Kennedy), together with all the others associated with the production of this video!

Edgar F. Tatro, Instrumental in the Production of “The Guilty Men”

 One need only consider the numerous records still under seal — or those of which officials have acknowledged were “inadvertently” destroyed — to understand how “massive” those cover-ups have been.  They include the millions of records pertaining to JFK’s assassination that Johnson personally ordered to be sealed for seventy-five years (and which Congress, in 1992, ordered to be unsealed by 2017 — yet many thousands still remain sealed). 

The fact that the Secret Service contemptuously destroyed many of those records before they were opened, the fact that the Los Angles Police Department destroyed many of the records of Robert Kennedy’s assassination, just as the Memphis Police Department destroyed many records of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, all further validate this point.

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Page 4: Another Great Video — Proof of How LBJ Knew When and Where the Volley of Shots Would Commence

Page 5: Random Thoughts on the Subject of History by Assorted Sages and Soothsayers

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