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Another great video — proof of how lbj knew when and where the volley of shots would commence

This video, originally posted on Youtube in October, 2013 includes many of the original points — and only those, it makes no new ones of any substance — which I had made in the first edition (Xlibris 7/2010) of my book LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination and subsequently in the 2011 hardcover Skyhorse edition and the 7/2013 paperback edition.

While I am OK with that, it would have been nice if some credit were given, since all of the numerous relevant points made in that video were never the subject of any other book, being first made uniquely by me in my first books as listed above, all well before this video was published.

But enough of the sour grapes, the video was done well and serves the greater purpose of informing the public regarding the truth of how JFK was murdered like a rabid dog at high noon in front of hundreds of people on the streets of Dallas, Texas, and how LBJ knew precisely when and where that deed would be done. And the reason he knew it was because he was the driving force behind it, and its chief designer, a major plotter and assistant choreographer behind the conspiracy to remove the President so that he could take over leadership of the country in a coup d’état, reversing the course of history and changing the very nature and spirit of the United States of America: From that of a peace-seeking, consensus developing, benevolent nation committed to uniting its people to that of a paranoiac, “National Security” culture with a war machine that seized control of its foreign and domestic policies, moving it toward becoming a world-wide hegemony.

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