Thinking that is Out of This World, by Tosh Plumlee

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The professor looks at his watch, his notes, and then at his disinterested freshman class. He clears his throat and begins a torturous, boring, monologue, about which the class was all too familiar.  The professor nervously adjusts his tie, smooths out his shirt’s cuffs, then speaks louder.

“In ancient Greek religion, the ‘Muses’ were the inspirational goddesses of all poetry, literature, science, and the arts. They were the source of all knowledge embodied in all poetry, writings, song lyrics, and spiritual myths.

“For centuries in ancient Greek culture the Muses, powerful goddesses, roamed the earth entering the hearts of men and the minds of all humanity of the time. The Muses educated and directed the day-to-day existence of the ancient worlds…”

The professor suddenly turns toward the window. He stops talking and points toward the window.  He ducks, then he screams!

“Look Out! Here comes one now!” He quickly hides behind his desk. The class is stunned by the sudden outburst. There is a moment of silence.

The professor finally composes himself. He continues.

“I see her now. In her bosom, she brings us a story. A story about a lost soul from the North who battled a ferocious South wind. His name is “Northwind”.  I can see him now. Look over there. He points. There is nothing there.

“He comes from where the winds blow hard. He is the man from the north wind. Unannounced, he always comes to our home late at night before we shut the doors and windows.

“His whiskers? Frozen stiff. His feet, numb. He enters our home with a smile. He shakes the snow from his broad shoulders and looks around the room.

“What’s on the Spit?” Northwind bellows. He takes a chair in the far corner, near the fireplace, and warms his hands.

“It has been a long, tedious ride to get here,” he says. “This time it wasn’t easy to escape the ferocious south wind.”  He laughs and then asks.

“I never know where I am until I get there. Where am I?”.

As usual, we all laugh. “Well, we’re happy to say Northwind, YOU’RE HOME!”


The class is quiet. They stare in disbelief.

The professor is puzzled.  He looks at his watch.

He smiles. “Class dismissed!”.

One thought on “Thinking that is Out of This World, by Tosh Plumlee

  1. ‘Angles Landing’ is also in Utah, Zion National Park. It is North of Ta’Na’Shaw’s rock, aka Aeolus’s ‘Temple of the Wind’, and ‘Indian Head Rock’ -‘ Valley of the Gods’, road-Monument Valley, Mexican Hat, Utah: Take a trip. I’m sure you will enjoy the ride. You might find an old Ancient Indian sitting beside a road, looking for a ride.

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