Recommended Readings: How LBJ’s Legacy is Now Most Manifested — The Close U.S./Israel Relationship

“The Kosher-Nostra Nation” by Greg Maybury

Among the observations made by Mr. Maybury in this article is this:

Israel . . . has much to thank Number 35 [Lyndon B. Johnson] for “that” priceless commodity of “having Washington’s ear”, a political “access all areas”  gift/card that for Israel just keeps on giving. The Israel lobby and their numerous surrogates wasted little time in ‘infiltrating’ LBJ’s administration from the top down, and they were given the frequent flyer treatment by the Israel friendly new POTUS. It has continued uninterrupted to this day. (For further information surrounding the key events and people of the era, readers should seek out Phillip Nelson’s Remember the Liberty . . .”remember the liberty!_front cover in jpg format


There is an 800 pound elephant in the room and its name is “AIPAC”  (American Israel Public Affairs Committee)

The immediate catalyst for Maybury’s essay comes from the Israeli lobby, which is behind the currently developing push for states — and more recently, a federal initiative — for legislation to outlaw any criticism of Israel (specifically targeted towards the Boycott, Divestment & Sanction (BDS) movement).  Maybury explains that the BDS movement “seeks amongst other aims to put economic and diplomatic pressure on Israel and highlight the dire predicament of the Palestinians who are living under what is in effect an apartheid system.”  It should be obvious to any informed person that “anti-BDS legislation” is inherently unconstitutional because it seeks to make all comments, written or oral, that could be construed as criticism of Israel — intentional or not — illegal!  What other country would even consider doing that, an act of chutzpah (ironically) unthinkable in any other context.  How can anyone square such a law with the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, about the congress never passing a law “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press?”

BTW: If anyone should believe that the BDS movement is “Anti-Semitic” then they should first have a look at this video of Miko Peled, the son of an Israeli general, who explains what he believes is an unsustainable “apartheid” (i.e. “racist”) Israeli government, which, interestingly, attempts to brand anyone who criticizes that entity with the same epithet.

Maybury further asserts, “MoreoverIsrael is attempting on a global scale to redefine the very meaning of anti-Semitism, an overused, though nonetheless utilitarian epithet serving the country well as both an impregnable force-field against criticism and a formidable attack/offensive weapon purpose-built to denigrate, discredit, even destroy, those who’d dare to challenge its behavior.”

Read on . . . The Kosher-Nostra Nation

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