Will the JFK Assassination Files EVER be Released? It Depends . . .

Four years ago, President Trump promised to release the JFK assassination files, more than once, even right up to the date that had been mandated by the 102nd Congress with the passage of the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection in 1992 — October 26, 2017. Thanks to Mike Pompeo, then head of the CIA, the most secret, clearly most telling and incriminating records were held back; he somehow convinced Trump that they had still not had sufficient time to prepare for their release without threatening the “National Security” of the U.S.

There can be little doubt that a President Joseph Biden would never release the files protecting the same Deep State that was instrumental to his election.

But there is probably also little doubt that President Trump—if he were to be able to prove his case that the election was massively corrupted by that same entity—be sufficiently “pissed” to put a final nail in the coffin of that insidiously evil creature (regardless of which side of the aisle one sits), should he remain in office by the new scheduled date of April 26, 2021.

However, even if Biden takes office on January 21, 2021, will President Trump be sufficiently pissed to release the files as part of his final actions—just before turning over the keys to Joe and Kamala?

See the entire article by Jacob Hornberger HERE.

3 thoughts on “Will the JFK Assassination Files EVER be Released? It Depends . . .

  1. Many historians hoped that the highly-publicized release of the remaining documents would help resolve these lingering questions. Unfortunately, President Trump had promised full transparency, but at the last minute, gave into pressure from the CIA and decided to keep some materials classified. The new documents include some tantalizing details about previously well-known assassination plots against Fidel Castro, but they fail to address the central question about Oswald s intent, or shed light on the CIA s actions in Mexico City. It s likely that we will never know with any certainty why Oswald pulled the trigger that fateful day in November 1963, but the government has a responsibility to declassify all documents so that the American public can decide for itself.


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