Did Connally Know? Penn Jones Thought So

John Connally in His White Stetson, Seated in Limo with JFK and Jackie at Love Field, 11/22/1963

The previous two posts examined some of the lies that John Connally put into the record in his last three decades. Some of my readers have expressed their doubts about whether he would willingly participate, by taking a seat in the limo that might put him into the line of fire, so I referred back to what Penn Jones Jr. wrote about that point back in 1969, when he decided that Connally knew that an assassination would occur, although Jones did not think he knew when and where it would happen. In Forgive My Grief, Vol. III, he explains that point in more detail:

6 thoughts on “Did Connally Know? Penn Jones Thought So

  1. Do you think it could be possible that John Connally’s and Ralph Yarborough’s relentless competition with each other for place and status plus their views of Johnson together with the desire of each one to be seen riding in the Presidential car, could have contributed to their seeming carelessness regarding the place in front of Kennedy? This would then assume they had some knowledge of the impending event but either that it was incomplete knowledge or that it was complete but initially Yarborough was prepared to sit in a risky place for the restoration of his wounded pride by being seen sitting in the President’s car by the entire world. Could Connally given his personality as described in the above article at the last minute also then have been prepared to sit in the risky seat if either he had incomplete knowledge or was almost equally unhappy about being placed in the Johnson vehicle?


    1. Some of your questions are plausible, except the ones related to Yarborough. He was hated by both Johnson and Connally, and I seriously doubt that he would have had any advance knowledge of the plot. He had successfully avoided being with Johnson the entire trip, until Dallas and then only went along because JFK forced him to, with the declaration that if he didn’t he’d have to walk.

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  2. Yes, I agree with Penn Jones (one of the best of the early researchers).
    Connally was so close to Johnson and obviously no fan of John Kennedy’s.
    When he either heard the first shots or when he was first hit, the extreme stress caused him to blurt out the truth. That’s certainly a fairly typical reaction under extreme stress.
    People who question Penn Jones’s conclusion, in my opinion, don’t appreciate the depth of his research, knowledge and experience.
    He was in the military in WWII, in an Infantry Division in Europe and was very experienced with rifles.
    That, plus his military service – starting with the Texas National Guard in in 1933 – makes him a very qualified analyst of the assassination.
    He concluded almost immediately after it happened that it was “a military style ambush.” He knew and he was correct. Dealey Plaza is quite small and several researchers have said it was the perfect shooting gallery for a killing involving triangulation of fire.
    Later in life he stated that he believed 9 shooters were firing at Kennedy.
    John Kennedy could not be allowed to leave Dealey Plaza alive.

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